5 signs it’s time for a package redesign

1April 2021

If you haven’t cast an objective eye at your product packaging recently, you could miss seeing that it’s time for a design refresh that’s a better fit for your business and brand.

Packaging redesign can be driven by external factors—such as consumer shopping behaviors or new competition—or more internally motivated. Blaine, MN-based Arrowhead Engineered Products, North America’s largest aftermarket parts supplier of nondiscretionary parts, is working with Veritiv to elevate the design of its packaging. With consumers having multiple paths to purchase, Arrowhead Engineered Products’ strategy is to meet the consumer where they are in the purchasing journey—starting with packaging design.

Time for a package redesign

Here are five signs it’s time to rethink your packaging:

Relevance – Maintaining relevant branding and messaging is more difficult today. Vertiv’s packaging specialists champion the idea that brands need to be refreshed, modified and revamped regularly. If your business is stuck with a packaging design that’s five years or older, it may be out of touch with what appeals to today’s consumers.

Competition – Chances are, your competitors are constantly innovating, and new ones are about to enter the scene. Remember that competition means more than just traditional competitors—disruptive technologies also fuel the need for change.

Retailer demands – Retailers work hard to stay relevant to avoid losing market share to e-commerce. As a result, retailers are demanding change from wholesalers. They want experiences that get consumers to shop in-person instead of online, and this drives an increased need for retail- and shelf-ready packaging.

Seasonality – Retailers work many months out in anticipation of key buying periods, including new seasonal opportunities as well as traditional holidays. A packaging redesign that ties into seasonal shopping gives brands greater exposure that can last beyond the season. Working with a packaging partner, such as Veritiv, with our in-house design, testing and a national distribution network, can optimize your seasonal-marketing success.

Slowing sales – If your company is seeing a decline in product, category or channel sales, a package redesign can be a game-changer. As you consider a redesign, Veritiv’s packaging design professionals recommend you focus on the total cost of packaging—that is, every element that contributes to the cost (e.g., inventory, assembly costs, cube utilization and sustainability).

Your packaging pro partner

While redesigning packaging can help alleviate these short-term challenges, it’s important to consider the long-term effects of disruptive technology and distribution channel changes. When you work with Veritiv, we help you develop a cohesive packaging solution that helps regenerate growth in the near-term and pair it with future-focused strategies.

Veritiv is committed to serving Twin Cities-area businesses like yours. We’re ready to help you tackle your most vexing packaging challenge. Contact us today to get started.


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