A nautical novice aboard a hunk of junk on the big river? Tainted.

3October 2020


I would like to send a tainted out to any and all agencies that manage the Mississippi River for allowing Erich Mische, an admitted novice when it comes to all things nautical, to go the length of the Mississippi River in a hunk of junk with holes in the pontoons.

From the looks of it, and his writings, it is a boat (?) an experienced boat owner like myself probably wouldn’t take out on Lake Owasso on a nice day.

Hey, I am all for fund-raising for a good cause and I wish him all the LUCK in the world, but I don’t want to see anything happen to him or any of the first responders that may have to fish him out. There is a reason it is called the Mighty Mississippi.

Erich, I will buy you a great pair of walking shoes, ditch the boat, bro.

Mike Hermes, Roseville



To all the selfish people who block the intersection on Snelling and Marshall avenues just to get a lousy cup of coffee from Starbucks, and to the City of St. Paul, which knows about it but doesn’t do anything to stop this nonsense until someone gets hurt.

Sigrid Laughlin, St. Paul



This Saturday morning, my daughter and I were shopping at our local Dollar Tree store. The woman in front of us had a lot of items and family treats in her cart and the line was quite long, so the cashier called for help and we switched to the new cashier.

As we were leaving and getting into our car, that same woman came running over to our car, and, with a warm smile and good-day wishes, she asked if we were mother and daughter — and handed my daughter a $20 bill. What a pleasant surprise to know that there are indeed wonderful people out there who do take notice of their neighbors and “pay it forward,” as we also will do very soon. Thank you for having this “Sainted and Tainted “article in the St Paul Pioneer Press.

Lenore Bleifuss, Little Canada

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