A Wisconsin medical examiner fought to prepare her county for the virus. Then it struck.

22November 2020

A Wisconsin medical examiner fought to prepare her county for the virus. Then it struck.

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The pandemic was a faraway nightmare — a catastrophe on the coasts — when Patty Schachtner, the medical examiner in St. Croix County, Wisconsin, began preparing. In March, she counted up all of her county’s hospitals, ventilators and nursing homes, including the one where her beloved 88-year-old father lived. If the coronavirus reached this mostly rural place on Wisconsin’s western edge, full of dairy farms and snowmobile trails, would residents be ready? She had spent 31 years working in public health — the last nine as the county’s chief medical examiner — but she could not be sure. So she…. See article below.

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Source: https://www.startribune.com/a-wisconsin-medical-examiner-fought-to-prepare-her-county-for-the-virus-then-it-struck/573150761/

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