Absentee balloting helped drive Minnesota’s highest voter turnout in six decades

15November 2020

Absentee balloting helped drive Minnesota's highest voter turnout in six decades

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About eight in 10 eligible Minnesotans voted in this year’s historic election — a rate not seen in 60 years and once again, so far, the highest in the nation. The last time Minnesota’s voter turnout topped 79 percent was when John F. Kennedy was elected president in 1960. Prior to that, Minnesota’s highest post-war turnout rate was in 1956, when President Dwight D. Eisenhower won reelection — one of the few times the state voted Republican with such high turnout. At 78.8 perecent, the 2004 reelection of George W. Bush had a slightly lower turnout than this year, and…. See article below.

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Source: https://www.startribune.com/absentee-balloting-helped-drive-minnesota-s-highest-voter-turnout-in-6-decades/572649901/

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