Chaplains adapt to the new COVID-19 calling

7December 2020

Chaplains adapt to the new COVID-19 calling

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The Rev. Andrew Jaspers walked into the hospital room of a man dying of COVID-19 with a mask over his mouth, a shield over his face and a prayer in his heart. Making the sign of the cross, he searched the man’s face for signs of recognition, then bent toward his ear as he recited the last rites of the Catholic faith, dipping his gloved finger into anointing oil to touch the patient’s forehead. A dozen family members joined the priest in prayer from their living room, their grief clearly visible from the iPad on a bedside cart. “Everybody in…. See article below.

The Twin Cities Thrive Initiative’s main goal is to help local business get their message out through a variety of digital marketing strategies. Many businesses in an effort to reopen have had to make some changes in terms of how they do business or made changes to the services they are offering due to covid 19. Our goal is to help you get your message to your customers so they can take advantage of your services and have a 5 star experience.

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