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Fabian TheBossDogg
April 06, 2020

I've lived here for 2 years and never came across any of the negativity these other people is talking about. I'm grateful that I'm not homeless.

ryan olson
September 26, 2018

I don't live here, but have never seen more petty, vindictive, and drug addled people in one place at one time, ever. It is a community of losers, with a few good people mixed in. The staff is rude, unhelpful to the point of telling residents and guest that it is their job to be so, and constantly looking for reasons to inflict stress and demerit points upon it's residents. The residents spend their days pretending to be sober, while in fact trading selling , and abusing prescribed medications. It causes stress, animosity, theft and ultimately eviction. The management is a one sided dictatorship in the name of Karen. She uses underlings and a network of informants/rats. Stay away. Far away. Not a place for anyone to live. More like a punishment.

Kay Dash
July 11, 2016

If you like drama and bullshit everyday then this is the place to be. I don't like it here AT ALL i've been here for a year and its hell the staff here does NOT want to help you move to the next level which is sad because its their JOB to help you some of them have nasty attitudes towards some of the residents they always threaten to put you out. I understand that this is a sober living place but these rules are bullshit. One staff here has some special messengers to where if they do something wrong which they don't or if they speak about something they would go back and tell it to KAREN yes karen just so her messengers could stay in the building. There is a lot of things going on in this that the owners don't know about but by me writing this now you know and trust me there is more. All i want and everybody else wants is to move out of this place because this is NOT a good place to be.

scott simonson
August 16, 2017

Yes I agree on both sides of the review but after some people have put the staff in this position.After spending three years at salvation army I'm so greatfull for this place.My health isn't in good shape but there helping me to make sure I make it to My Drs Apominets.I thank my Lord and saviour Jesus Christ for this place.I had to leave work to take care of my pops after he had some bad strokes.But his big stroke in 2002 left him in bad shape it was my hardest job of my life but he was always ther for me and in 2011 he had another big stroke which put him in a nursing home,I found the best one there was but it took everything but he deserves the best it's a little over 7600 hundred a month and my mother passed in 2012 w bring this up because the staff listens to me it eats away at me but the Lord is my rock and I Leen upon him.God bless you all.

Eric Adams
October 25, 2015

I've lived here for a few years and I love it!

Alliance Apartments

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719 E 16th St, Minneapolis, MN 55404, USA

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