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    Sofia Shrestha
    August 31, 2021

    Would not recommend, largely because of the management company, Peak Living. They are incredibly difficult to reach. I still have not received a response back on requests and inquiries I made months ago regarding my lease. They have very limited availability in the building, and some staff are very short and rude when you bring up issues. Overall, an incredibly disorganized management company that is awful at communicating with its residents.

    Melissa Hoo
    July 29, 2021

    Don't live here. Management was just taken over by Peak Living and it's like they didn't communicate with previous management at all. They are charging incorrect amounts and not keeping important details straight. They are not very responsive to fix their mistakes either and do not take responsibility for their mistakes.

    September 15, 2021

    I've been holding off on a review for awhile since I was a new tenant and I wanted to give peak living a fair chance to settle into managing a new building but it's been two months and little has changed. At the very least they need more time to learn how to manage this building. I can't in good faith recommend anyone sign a lease with peak living until some serious improvements be made and to that point I'd like to share my personal experience. I can't speak to anyone else's experience, only my own. It's hard to even get in contact with anyone, Corporate is in Utah and when they do answer they have been nice but absolutely no help, local management is also very kind and sympathetic but unable to provide timely help for so many issues. I had no idea a takeover could go this poorly. 1. The week I moved in I lost my ibutton fob for my apt door, it was totally my fault so I attempted to contact after hours support to discover there was no after hour support. The door access system in the lobby calls the old on call person (Saturday Apartments I believe) and peak offers no after hours support. I imagine this is a deal breaker for some so it's important to understand. I spent the night locked out to discover they had no way to program a new fob for two months. It took a week of leaving my door unlocked just to get it setup with a physical brass key which was a security nightmare. As an unintended side affect of their initial failed reprogramming attempt management/maintenance now have no way to unlock my door, I apprently have the only working key and since I work 8-6 there's "no way" for them to program a working fob for my door since they now believe it has to be unlocked via that one key to be programmed. I've attached an air tag to the key and guard it with my life. 2. We had a building power outage around 5 or 6:00am on a weekday. There was no communication from the building or updates from the building, I had to call multiple times in order to be kept in the loop. Finally once the problem was resolved around 10:00am peak decided they could send an email that power was restored. I then had to take time off work to come back and reset breakers since many had tripped in the morning. It was never explained what happened. 3. When they first took over Peak never received/maintained parking spot locations so they initially instituted a policy to randomly assign new spaces and let us fight it out in the garage. It took me four tries, four spots, until that fourth person pointed out a spot she was confident was empty. I thanked her for ending my odyssey. 4. This Saturday night my AC stopped working. I noticed as I went to bed that the apt was not 74 but 78 degrees and climbing. The unit is in a locked closet (it's an everest schlage deadbolt, which is a more secure lock then my apartment deadbolt but that's not Peak's fault) but it does mean I'm unable to render basic mantaince such as checking if the filters have ever been touched. Of course since there is no after hours support, I have to wait until at least Monday for any hope of a resolution. Gotta admit being without AC until Thursday has not put me in a good mood to sing Peak Living Praises. 5. Lastly I'd like to collate some minor 'papercuts' that alone I wouldn't even think to mention but they're starting to add up with my larger gripes. I live on the third floor and regularly the trash shoot has backed up all the way to and above our floor. Some delivery drivers do not have propper door access so they leave packages strewn about the air lock and lobby. There is no longer lobby/gym wifi for tennants, my number is not in the lobby door access system for guests to ring my phone for entrance. The building is generally more dirty, diaper left in the elevator, trash rooms getting full, floors are sticky and stained, just not being kept up to the same standard. It seems like no employees were retained and little effort has been made to uphold the mantle so assume anything that might slip through the cracks will slip through the cracks.

    M. Collins
    May 11, 2021

    Amazing place to live. Staff is friendly. No complaints from me! Love it.

    Maddie Welle
    July 31, 2021

    Very unimpressed with new management, Peak Living. Extremely unresponsive, never follow up on requests, completely messed up the parking scenario, and terrible communication with residents.

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