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    Jake Yang
    March 02, 2021

    Just moved in recently! Love the area and the place so far. Building management is very helpful and we appreciate that. I’ve recently got a few noise complaints which I addressed with the building already. But apparently we’re getting more noise complaints? When we’re not even home? We’re currently busy, so we’re barely home now. Let me clarify that when we’re not home, our dogs aren’t home either so I don’t know where this “noise complaints” is coming from but I’m getting sick of it. It’s very annoying that the neighbors themselves just don’t come to us if they have a issue. Because I understand the past noise complaints but we’ve just got another one today. I’m not standing for this because I know for a fact that wasn’t us. We literally just got home at 10AM, took our coats off and got a phone call from Nigel himself around 10:15AM. They’re just doing their job and I understand that but at the same time I’m really getting sick of these noise complaints calls. I know that I could definitely be loud sometimes but if you want a actual noise complaints then maybe try the surrounding neighbors. Until then, don’t be saying that the noise is coming from our unit when we’re making minimal noise ever since the first noise complaints. We don’t want any of neighbors to think badly of us or to have lack of sleep so we try our best to be quiet. Maybe check your other residence on this floor because we hear loud music playing, conversation a couple doors down, and other dogs barking down the hall and some neighbors leave their dogs out in the patio to bark all day. It’s more of the building’s units not being sound proof enough then it is ourselves. :)

    James Williams
    March 13, 2021

    I am the "primary" half od the review concerning noise complaints do to my service dogs. First I want to commend the building manager Nigel on the way he professionally handled this occurrence. Second I have now lived at both buildings owned by city club and while both are beautiful facilities the difference is in management. management at the Mill District is stellar! This can and will make all the difference to anyone living in a multi shared residence of this type. Its about management because if that is weak then its just a pretty building. Mill District is kept in great shape and everyone from Nigel to Sam our leasing agent has been great. Even building maintenance deserves a tip of the hat! Love there. TO conclude if you are trying to decide between the two pick Mill District!

    Melanie LeMay
    January 29, 2021

    The staff at Mill District City Club Apartments have been so extremely helpful and understanding. They have taken care of all of our needs in our apartment move. Any questions and concerns we had were addressed. We are able to keep an open and honest line of communication with them even after the fact. They also continue to do updates around the apartment to make the residents feel safe & secure. They installed better lighting in our garage, installed a brand new water heating system for the building, our fob system was updated for security, and our gym was just revamped with all new gym equipment - in addition to on-going updates to units with new granite countertops. I can't express enough how amazing this apartment is! I will easily resign my lease with them at my lease end.

    Chad Smith
    December 02, 2020

    I have lived here for about 3 months. The staff is new and has made amazing progress in my opinion. Nigel the property manager comes from the hospitality industry and it shows. He goes above and beyond in every way he can. Always asking if you need anything or if everything is up to standard. Sam the leasing manager is Amazing really goes above and beyond. She is always going out of her way to ensure things are addressed quickly! She has impeccable follow through and always tries to make it a great experience! Maintenace and cleaning is great as well. It’s like living in a hotel!

    Logan Denzer
    September 22, 2020

    I'll start with the good: the location is wonderful and the courtyard is amazing and very convenient for late night dog duty. In my time here I have been locked in the elevator for half an hour, ignored when I emailed saying I would break my lease to get out of this place, left without AC in 90 degree weather for 5 days (considered an "emergency" according to their maintenance system), seen four building managers come and go, etc. Currently, there is a car that's been broken into in the garage. The shattered glass has been sitting there for at least four days. The hot water is out and since the "unit is from Italy" it will take a while to replace. We've been waiting on lights in the dimly lit, and frankly scary, garage for weeks. All residents' electronic keys failed during a city-wide curfew and did not start working for a week. Last week we had a fire alarm test from 1pm-3pm. Alarms were going off in the building and in individual apartments in the middle of the work day. When confronted by 8+ angry residents management claimed to have emailed everyone. No one got an email. It also isn't infrequent for homeless people to sleep in the lobby bathroom and club room. When I mentioned this to management they denied this has happened more than once, which I know for a fact is false. Every single time I've spoken to management about a problem I'm having I've been met with excuses and blatant lies. Please don't move here.

    Mill District City Club Apartments

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