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Ma W
January 07, 2021

Ryan, Elizabeth and Shelly are the best of the best. Ryan and Elizabeth helped me with two separate cases and the outcome for both were better than I ever could have imagined. They got multiple charges dropped on my first case and got second case entirely dismissed. They put in 110% from day one and continue to do so until the results you want are obtained. If you want someone to truly fight for you this is the team you want!

January 14, 2021

Ryan is a miracle worker. A very down to earth, wonderful man who knows what he has to deal with, and how to deal with it. I wont go into my case but you can absolutely google my name and his and hear about it. Its taken me awhile to write a review because I havent been quite sure of what to say and how to make it succinct. This man is a selfless, wonderful, almost superhuman gift to society. Keep doing what you do sir and thank you. I am not as good with words but I hope this does you justice.

Brandon Rose
August 29, 2020

My name is Brandon Rose. I am writing this review as a beacon of hope and to show others that when they are presented with a dark time in their life Ryan Garry and his team will not just be their attorney but be will truly care about a brighter future. I struggled with and will struggle with alcoholism for the rest of my life which I do not wish on my worst enemy. This darkness has transformed into a very successful and bright today. All of this was made possible due to the care, professionalism, and GOD given talent that not only Ryan Garry possesses, but all of the components and people that make up the best law firm in Minnesota if not the Midwest. Ryan Garry and his entire team have endured the mistakes of my life and have lead me to believe in myself and truly understand that their are consequences for our mistakes but the punishment should not be so monumental that we can not recover. They will care for you on a professional level but they will also encourage, promote, and acknowledge your personal life. Ryan and I know each other from friendships made at Saint Cloud State University where I became best friends with a man who in 2012 committed suicide. The entire week prior to his funeral I had many people check on me but one person who checked on me everyday was Ryan Garry. He knows about my struggles I face internally and made sure my mental state was looked after. The reason he did this was not JUST to ensure I did not make any rash decisions that would lead me down a road of legal troubles.....it was largely due to the fact that he cared greatly about another human being and person was me. Ryan Garry is an attorney and has a team of legal associates, if you want a “super attorney” that will fight your case like a pit bull, but also care about you on a human level, then their is only one choice you can make if you want a positive future and that his to hire Ryan and his team. Ryan Garry is a friend first and my attorney for the rest of my life. I AM GREAT FULL FOR RYAN AND HIS ENTIRE TEAM. Brandon Rose MBA, LICENSED MN JOURNEYMAN PLUMBER

September 24, 2020

Ryan Garry is one of the best criminal defense lawyers in the state of Minnesota, if not the best. He is smart, hardworking, experienced and respected. His office is right across the street from the Hennepin County Courthouse and he is there often. He knows the prosecutors and is your best bet in trying to get your case dismissed, or at least get you a better outcome. Recently I was falsely accused of a serious crime that would have completely ruined my life. Upon thorough research and talking to different lawyers, Ryan Garry was clearly the best. For a case as serious as mine, I could not afford to have anyone, but the best. I was a nervous wreck when I met him, but after talking to him, letting him take control of the case, and then seeing the letter and argument he put forward to the prosecutor defending my case, I was able to be calm and hopeful. Eventually, he was successfully able to convince the prosecutor to not charge my case. If you have a serious case or even a less serious one, you need a good, if not a great lawyer, and as soon as possible. I would definitely consider Ryan Garry a great lawyer and one I would highly recommend.

Jason Walker
October 02, 2020

I was involved in a couple of difficult positions in the past. Mr. Garry demonstrated profound understanding of the legal system and provided helpful advice/information during our consultation. Mr. Garry is not just a quality attorney. He is a good person and I highly recommend his services to anyone who finds themselves in a tough situation.

Ryan Garry LLC, Criminal Defense Attorneys

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333 S 7th St #2350, Minneapolis, MN 55402, USA

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