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5200 Annapolis Ln N, Plymouth, MN 55446, USA

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Shelby Kirshbaum
October 29, 2020

Overall, nice place to live that I would recommend to others. I lived here for 1 year. I gave 4 stars because of noise issues. Pros: great location with many places and freeways nearby, lots of trails and parks nearby, apartments feel spacious with tall ceilings, secure building at night, parking lot was always very empty with lots of spots, friendly staff, great maintenance team, all units have full size washer/dryer, community events, clean and well maintained building, and diverse community. Cons: this may vary depending on location but from my experience, can hear noise easily. I lived in the 5200 building 1st floor and heard the people above and next to me clearly 24/7. I also heard people in the underground garage, talking, car horns when locking, cars driving, etc. clearly from anywhere in my apartment. I lived next to the indoor basketball court and the hours were not followed. This was the biggest concern for us when we moved in and staff said they would make sure the hours were enforced. I was woken up early in the morning on weekends multiple times since my bedroom wall shared the same wall as the court and I could hear and feel everything as if I was in there. I notified staff by email and in person of multiple incidents but it was never resolved which was disappointing. The court door was supposed to be locked each night when the office closed and it was unlocked almost every other night (we checked each night) and there would be people in there very early am or very late pm being loud and sometimes not even playing basketball. The front desk stopped taking packages so they were put out in the open on the ground by the mail boxes which was a bit worrisome as anyone can enter the building during the day and have access to this area.

Crystal Lyne
September 25, 2020

I had an incredibly disappointing year living at Stoneleigh. We had issues left and right. Our apartment was right above the gym and we could hear the repeated thump of someone on the treadmill and weights being dropped on the floor. I would lie awake in the mornings in bed listening to someone running; there was no sleeping in at that apartment. They offered to change gym hours but even after that, it still started at 7:30AM and it would have been nice to sleep in later than that. We had a lot of issues with black mold in the apartment. It was a total nightmare. They first tried telling us that it wasn't mold but I knew that wasn't the case. When they finally did acknowledge that it was mold in the vents, it was a battle to have it removed. We had strongly urged for a professional outside company to do remediation but we were turned down multiple times. We did have them come in but I was in no way trusting they completely got rid of the mold. They tried convincing us their maintenance person has done it plenty of times before. Ok? That doesn't mean he is doing it correctly. This is my health at risk, not yours. There was even mold around all the window sills. I'm sure they'll paint over that before the next person moves in. Don't bother with this place.

Aishwarya Pillai
July 22, 2020

I was a resident from 2019 July to 2020. I liked everything about living here, the aesthetics, security and how the property was maintained. The rent is on the higher end compared to surrounding properties but 100% worth it. The best 'feature' is the staff. They were extremely helpful and very responsive, even if you have a maintenance emergency over a weekend. Special shout-out to Linsey who was my leasing consultant and also helped me move some of my stuff in. Excellent staff! Very professional!

Justin Martin
August 18, 2020

Overall this apartment was an ok place to leave. Not the best place I have lived but not the worst either. They were very helpful with me when it came to working with my schedule to get moved in. Everyone at the office is very friendly and helpful. Would recommend to anyone who is wanting to be right off the interstate and can easily get around town and to different parts of the Twin Cities. Great location for if you want to go for walks, as a park with walking trail and play-set within walking distance. My only complaint I have about Stoneleigh is the maintenance experience and the move out process. I had a few issues with my door on my bedroom and my door on my laundry room. Was not that big of a deal but it took them a few months to even get me a door on my laundry room which made for noisy apartment and then when they finally got me a bedroom door they got the wrong size and I did not have a lock or handle on it. When it came to move out process for the most part they worked with me on getting me out of my apartment but then in my opinion they found even reason to not give me back my deposit and not mention I got out early so they had all the extra time they could have had it rented and double income but they still choose to find ever reason to take from my deposit. So overall great place but in my opinion be prepared to get very little to none of your deposit back and for maintenance to help with the issues you let them know about but if it is their issue they take there time.

Roger Thomas
June 20, 2020

I was treated as old family and not a suspect in a line like I was at several other apartments. The grounds , halls, elevators , common spaces were immaculate. All options of apartment life were covered and proudly displayed. The staff was friendly and genuine In all a five star experience and yes I am a renter there now.

Stoneleigh At The Reserve Apartment Homes

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5200 Annapolis Ln N, Plymouth, MN 55446, USA

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