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    Dylan Skaife
    June 08, 2021

    My girlfriend and I moved into the Covington this year and have been nothing but impressed with the quality of service, as well as the quality of the property itself. The pool is an awesome place to escape, and other amenities like the heated garage, car wash, and pet-friendly environment are just added bonuses! Special thanks to Andy Hauer and the Covington team who helped make moving in as smooth and easy as possible, as well as their continued efforts to make living at the Covington a great experience. Thanks Covington team!

    Allan A2Z
    February 18, 2021

    I’ve been a resident for 5 years and have nothing but positive feedback. Great pool area, clean gym and very attentive staff. They have a quick response to all work orders and there has not been a day that has gone by where I have not seen the cleaning staff diligently cleaning with care.

    rosemarie mathura
    March 20, 2021

    Moved into the Covington in 2019. My husband and I broke our lease to relocate to Florida. When we moved in, the management team was very attentive and responsive. They have a new management team now and they are very unorganized and no attention to details. No one ever has a definite answer to anything and the team is never on the same page. They charge you for carpet cleaning on top of a cleaning fee, to repaint the walls and if you mount TVs and or pictures, they charge you to patch up the holes and repaint the walls. I have lived in multiple apt buildings and none of them charged fees like this one. At the end of our move out, we were refunded a whole $4 and change from our deposit. To add to that, the majority of the time we lived there we weren’t able to utilize amenities due to covid but still expected to pay full cost for everything. The vending machines didn’t work most of the time as well.

    jeanne ardinger
    May 18, 2021

    I’ve rented here since January and I really like it. They have a cleaner for common areas so it’s clean never dusty or worse. The layout is spacious and comfortable. Washer dryer in unit makes life easier. There is a lot of storage space both closets and space on your floor. Maintenance is quick to respond on everything from lightbulbs and microwaves failing to hair clogs and garbage disposal. I want to be clear that I’ve had little issues and they take pride in the building. The dogs living here are always happy and eager to say hello when passing in hall or entryway. I haven’t really used the party room but it is really nice and can accommodate caters too. The movie theatre is pretty nice but I think for the size it could use a larger tv or a screen and projector. The gym is a actual gym not just a few free weights and a bike. They have a massage each month currently but I stopped using mine (masseuse is a talker) I like to just lay down get massage and listen to music. In her defense I never did ask her to not talk but still seemed intrusive to the experience. The pool is a good size and well maintained, alongside are two areas with chairs and tables ,and a tv bbq area. They have movie night and get together nights which are nice to meet neighbors. Some weekends can be loud if you face the pool , close windows and it’s tolerable. The heat and water as well as air conditioning works perfectly.. I’d recommend it to others. I have a noisy neighbor but the staff is trying to address that . May 2021 just renewed my lease. The noisy neighbors left and to clarify it wasn’t talking, music or tv , it was the doors being slammed that we heard at all hours. I have not heard any noise since they left. I’m not tiptoe quiet neither are my current neighbors , they built really great insulation into this building. I’ve asked next door if he hears my tv because I can use headphones if it bothers him, he said he thought I was never home since he never heard a thing. The office did online games and yoga to keep spirits up during lockdown. They are still setting up online classes and events so everyone has a chance to participate even if they are not home. I’m guessing some rude people left messes because they no longer want smoking even outside in courtyard. I don’t smoke , however I feel bad for the people who do. The electric , water etc are very low cost month to month due much to the eco friendly systems they used here. You won’t need to fret over running the washer as it barely affects your costs.

    Jill Wright
    February 15, 2021

    Rude staff, poor maintenance, poorly made (terrible sound proofing), even there vending machines go out of order, and they choose to take away accommodations like the grill without giving any notice! I’ve lived in over 10 apartments, this is the only bad experience.

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