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Kelsey Halvorsen
October 30, 2020

If you have a dog, do not move here! That is, unless you want your dog to get sick from walking around the dog park here. My dog got a bacterial infection and I paid a ton in vet bills. I have been complaining about this issue for well over a year and with DNA tracking AND video monitoring of the dog park... they still cannot figure it out. The property manager says they are more lenient in the dog park and that is very evident! I love the maintenance staff here, including Annie our concierge, but management is very poor. They are all talk and no action. They could care less about the pets or pet owners of their community.

Tom Novak
May 28, 2020

With this C-19, all of the amenities are closed...the cleaning of the elevators and doors are not as good as they should be. If you have a pet, then be prepared for disposal of fifties do somewhere, seems like only one a week it is emptied. The apartment is great.

Kristen Thomas
February 22, 2020

From the first tour of The Penfield apartment building in St. Paul, MN to moving in yesterday, the process was smooth and everything went great! I will post again in a year and tell how it went for everyday life. Of note, this studio apartment directly faces north to the Capitol building (great view!-pics attached) and has a double sliding glass door with vertical blinds between the two glass panels along with a separate screen door. I really can't believe how little traffic noise there was inside the apartment. I totally forgot that I-94 is literally right outside because of the EXCELLENT sound abatement. In particular, I want to thank Chad Von Eschen, who first showed us the apartment and made us feel very welcome all the way to move-in day. He is very professional and told us that he is moving in to the building himself.

Kristin Anderson
July 23, 2020

We lived here for two and a half years and we really liked living there. It's a great location, and good value for the area. Pros: * Awesome location. Being above Lunds & Byerly's is outstanding. * Good amenities - the pool is outstanding in the summer, the hot tub is nice for cool nights. * Underground parking - don't have to worry about weather, shoveling, etc. * Responsive staff - when anything breaks, a quick email will get their maintenance staff right on it. Nice people, too. * Very good value for the area. I don't think we could have found another 3 bedroom apartment downtown that we would have liked as much without paying a whole lot more. Cons: * Appliances are awful. The dryer had two settings, "still wet" and "I shrunk your clothes". The dishwasher would occasionally burst open mid-cycle and throw water all over the floor. The oven did not maintain a consistent temperature and would sometimes be as much as 30 degrees off. The stovetop wasn't level. * Apartments are dusty and difficult to keep clean. Neither the dryer nor the oven hood were properly vented, so the dryer lint mixed with bacon grease to create a film on the floors, the walls, the furniture - every surface. * Underground parking garage leaks. The continuous dripping of salt from the Lunds and Byerly's parking lot ruined the paint job on my car. * Building management is not fair in how much of your deposit they keep. We hired the cleaners the Penfield recommended and were charged cleaning fees for things our cleaners insisted they cleaned. We were charged for a broken drawer, which would have been free if we'd called maintenance when we lived there, instead of just putting up with it. We were charged for stains on the carpet, but the carpet wasn't clean when we moved in. Had I known what I know now, I wouldn't have move-out hired cleaners or made an effort to keep things tidy. It would have been cheaper, easier, and less frustrating to forego my deposit.

java aimee
October 27, 2019

I moved into The Penfield after selling my home of 24 years, so it was a bittersweet move. The staff at The Penfield helped me transition into my new lifestyle by being very supportive and accommodating. I will always appreciate their level of professionalism and mostly their ability to balance that along with friendliness and the perfect balance of empathy to create an atmosphere of home. Thank you!

The Penfield

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101 10th St E, St Paul, MN 55101, USA

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