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    January 16, 2021

    I loved living here for 2.5 years. It was amazing to have my own apartment entrance, just like living in a townhouse. My apartment was beautifully updated with new cabinets, stainless steel appliances, and new carpet/laminate throughout. From my main room and bedroom windows I had amazing views looking into the woods, seeing peeks of Sweeney Lake, looking into Theodore Wirth Park, and views of the downtown Minneapolis skyline. Valley Village offers ample storage room spaces and you can even have your own garage for your car or storage. I had quiet, respectful neighbors, the only downside is that neighbors are allowed to smoke inside their apartments, which you can smell in the next apartment. They allow animals at this building and my cats loved living there. Many neighbors had dogs and there was a nice dog park on the property. I had two of my own raised garden beds next to the apartment, which was a fun activity and beautified the outdoor space. The apartment complex is right on the Luce Line trail, making walks, roller skiing, biking, and accessing the Theodore Wirth park system easy. I could carry my kayak down the hill from my apartment to launch it right at Sweeney Lake. The location is ideal as it is close to the city and has easy access to downtown Golden Valley and West End. I had a great experience with staff, who were responsive and respectful to any needs. I locked my keys in my car one winter while it was running and Tatyana, one of the staff members, went out of her way to find an extra apartment key from the main office so I could get into my apartment and grab a spare car key. The staff’s care of individual tenants shows in their interactions. I was able to use the online portal to easily pay rent and request maintenance help periodically. I highly recommend Valley Village for renters looking for an inexpensive place, who enjoy having easy access to the great outdoors, and who are ready for a comfortable and enjoyable stay. I’m going to miss this place!

    Sara Fox
    November 13, 2020

    DO NOT RENT HERE! I lived here for 2 years. The staff was nice, although they always seemed to have issues with the online rent portal. I gave 2 months notice and payed everything. Merissa Monson from the office emailed me after receiving our notice to vacate saying sorry to see us go. I was out in April. Recently, Merissa Monson emailed asking if we had moved out yet. It has been months since we moved out. Now they are trying to collect rent from the months after we left. I tried emailing Merissa to clear things up, even forwarded her own messages and she did not respond. They are trying to send us to collections, luckily I have plenty of emails from Merissa to dispute this, just really frustrating. I WOULD 100% TRY TO TALK ANYONE OUT OF MOVING INTO VALLEY VILLAGE! THEY WILL TRY TO SCAM YOU! UPDATE: Valley Village responded they apologize for the miscommunication that happened during my move out. However, I moved out in April and Merissa Monson stated on 5/22 and 6/1 via email that she would correct the error made. Miscommunication is not the issue here.

    jenn swanson
    April 27, 2020

    I was asked to vacate my apt here because the buffalo chick who lived above me threatened my life. Alas, she was on section 8 and so once again it's the hard working people who are punished for being as such. Shame in you buffalo chick - and to the people runnin this joint I'm not surprised you have issues filling vacancies now. All's well that ends well but it'll always be what it shouldn't.

    Shelby Stanger
    June 27, 2017

    I loved living here! I stayed for a year and a half and only moved because I invested in a house. Perfect location and reasonable pricing. Staff is awesome! Love that it's pet friendly and seeing all the dogs outside. The separate entrances and the back yards were so great to have. Lots of little pros you wouldn't think of!! I was able to have a screened porch which was also enjoyable

    Shanna Klingbile
    February 13, 2019

    I would not recommend Valley Village or any apartment run by The Goodman Group. They think it is acceptable to not plow the parking spots in the lot. They only plow a strip thru the lot so unless you have 4 wheel drive there is a good chance you will have trouble getting your car out. When you ask when they are going to plow they lie and say “we are working on it”, “we’re currently working with a contractor” “we’re working VERY hard to get lot plowed” among other lies. The reality is they do not care that the parking lot is a disaster, a safety hazard and extremely stressful to those who do not have 4 wheel drive because it still hasn’t been plowed 7 days after it snowed 8 inches. Yes, SEVEN DAYS. They lie and say they are working on it as though they can’t get a plow truck here but it’s all about SAVING MONEY to them because it could snow again in the next TWO WEEKS so they don’t want to pay a plow again even though it’s TWO WEEKS. They don’t live here so they do not care. I couldn’t stay at my apartment for 5 days because I was on crutches/knee scooter and unable to SAFELY get from my car to my door. When I told management this they did nothing. I said I could get a plow truck out here ASAP and their response was “if you want to pay for it”. Yet they claim that, “THEY ARE WORKING VERY HARD” to get lot plowed. I guess when someone gets hurt and sues them maybe then they will spend the money to plow the parking lot. I have attached pictures to my reviews on other apartment rental sights. I will update this review if things change for the remainder of winter but I doubt they will. Do NOT rent here!!

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