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melinda pittman
September 10, 2020

Lies, Lies, and more Lies. If I could I'd give VSM a negative 4 stars, really I would!!!!!! 1) The ad for this particular building said parking is next door for $150, LIE. it is not next door, and the parking that I could get (day and overnight) is more than $150. 2) The apartment was supposed to have been cleaned, Big Lie, it wasn't, I had to hire a professional cleaning company to do basic cleaning, like the carpet. The walls were dirty, in need of a paint job. The cleaning crew said it was obvious that the carpet had not been cleaned in a very long time. The blinds had drippings and gunck all over them. I had to pay to have them cleaned as well. 3) They touted the large storage in the basement as one of the pluses in this building. Mind you I didn't move in until the 19th of the month, I got the keys on the 7th of the month, I had to ask where my storage unit was. When they finally assigned one, it had no latches for a lock, part of the cage was missing so it wasn't secure, and the space is disgusting. So on move in day I was unable to store anything in the storage area. One of my movers said he wouldn't store his garbage in the storage unit that I was assigned. I had to pay for outside storage. 4) The entryway and hallway in the building is filthy, I guess they don't have a caretaker now. I am embarrassed to invite people over. 5) Today is 09/10/20, the elevator has been out since 09/02/20. We received an email from VSM, I believe on 09/04/20 stating that the elevator would be fixed on Tuesday, 09/08/20. Take a wild guess, IT'S NOT FIXED. I had a furniture delivery, on Tuesday, and they had to take my couches back because the stairwell was too narrow. I don't know when, or if I'll be able to reschedule. I'm just left hanging. 6) There is falling brick and rock in my apartment, and there are screens that need to be put on the windows. I put in a request over 10 days ago, someone finally called me on yesterday, saying it would be several hours before he could show up. I waited all day I finally received a call around 6pm, and by then I made other plans. Maintenance said they would call today, but so far I haven't heard a word. Maybe it will be 10 more days. In summary, I am just really disappointed. On the surface the apartment looks great this is why I took it, but I dread dealing with this management group.

Jada Wilson
September 05, 2020

I’ve literally lived here a month. So at first, they seemed very caring and helpful. Once I moved in, completely different. I found mouse dropping, holes, broken doors, things left behind from the past tenet and more. Most they just deemed cosmetic (I have to deal with it). Told me they have a three month contract with a pest company, obviously they need a new one if I’m still finding poop. I haven’t been able to pay my rent through the online portal and was told that M-F at 3 o’clock, payments are picked up from the lockbox. Well of course that’s BS and now I’m going to have a late fee for over $100. I locked my key in the home a week or so back. $150 for someone to let me in the house. WHILE THE KEYBOX IS RIGHT OUTSIDE MY FRONT DOOR. They didn’t contact any of my previous landlords during application process, should’ve been the biggest red flag. AND tried to get me to sign a two year lease with them. I’ll be talking with a very wise family friend about a few things I could do. First time or younger renters BEWARE!!

Lydia Thomason
May 07, 2020

Andre has been nothing less than awesome. He helped us get into our rental home during this pandemic and was able to safely show us the home. He has gone out of his way to answer my millions of questions and ensure that my family is comfortable with the processes. Seriously, just reach out this company. They are on your side the whole way!

dheeraj chintalaboina
December 01, 2020

Vsm is not good at getting things done for tenants . I live in a house where so many basic things are not fixed when we arrived and the owner doesnt approve things for unknown reasons and vsm as a property management took zero measures to hear our voice and get things done from the property owner . They just act like a transaction agent between property owner and tenant but when any basic amenities like door lock and garage door aren’t met , we are getting zero support from them to get things done.may be They are not helpful as asking for basic amenities are not outlined in the agreement . Beware while choosing .

Siri Nycklemoe
May 29, 2020

DO NOT RENT FROM THIS COMPANY! I had been living in a VSM rental apartment for about two years. At first everything was great—a great duplex in a great area and maintenance/management was always very prompt and professional. A few months later things changed for the worse. I filed a maintenance request for a few things including a sink that was not draining, and a broken dryer. I called and emailed several people and still I was without a working dryer for over a month and without a draining sink for three weeks, which in turn caused damage to the property below. On top of all of that they expected me to pay $500 out of pocket, 2 months later for the fixes (which were only resolved after I took down previous bad reviews. That's how shady this company is.) Upon moving out, VSM real-estate screwed over their young renters once again. After we moved out we were charged with upwards of $700 OVER our security deposit for items such as these... $900 for a new paint job, although they previously told us they were re-painting the entire downstairs (they even brought a painter over amidst the COVID-19 stay at home order to get paint swatches); $350 to fix a "crack" in the pedestal sink, even though this damage was present when we moved in, and is quite standard wear and tear for a four bedroom ONE BATHROOM apartment; $450 for floor scratches, which are also regular wear and tear; and then a $400 charge for a "cracked pantry door" which was non-existent when we were living there and when we moved out. Our whole experience with VSM was consistently troublesome and frustrating. VSM does a very bad job communicating with renters and obviously has very poor customer service practices. They don't prioritize their renters or properties; they only care about the bottom line. You should DEFINITELY NOT consider moving into a VSM rental.

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