If trespassing, stealing and shutting down speech is what you stand for … Tainted.

19September 2020


I purchased and displayed two TRUMP signs. Before 10 p.m. someone had already stolen them!

To the thief: I don’t know who you’re voting for, but if trespassing, stealing and taking away my freedom of speech are OK with you, then that speaks volumes for your party.

Christine Mosio, St. Paul


Sainted and Tainted

Sainted to all those who take time to compost!

Tainted to the guy who honked and made rude gestures to me as I tried to get my car started. I drive an electric car and my phone is my “key.” I was doing my best to troubleshoot why the car wasn’t starting and this man took the time to share his anger and frustration with me (even though he had more than enough room to drive around my car) without checking to see if I was not moving my car for a reason.

He sped off as I started to started the sentence, “I can’t start my car.”

Please have more patience and care as we work in our neighborhood, and don’t assume the worst.

Gretchen Guenter. St. Paul



I was out walking my daughter’s dog Sunday morning when he crossed my legs and tripped me.

I fell on the grass on Lyngblomsten’s lawn along Pascal. I fell on my left side and was able to get up to a crouch.

I was trying to decide how to get up all the way.

There was voice beside me. “Can I help you?”

He was walking by and didn’t know at first if i wanted to be down with the dog. He came back to check on me and got me to a standing position.

A very big SAINTED to this kind gentleman.

Richard Bartz, St. Paul



While enjoying a wonderful dinner last week at The Little Venetian restaurant in Little Canada, I realized that my gold and diamond ear cuff was missing.

I have accidentally caught it before when removing my face mask, and I was sure that is what had happened. My friends and I started to look for it frantically everywhere, to no avail.

I went up to the counter to tell the owner of the restaurant about my missing earring and give her my information in case they came across it. (I’m so sorry I don’t know her name.) She immediately started searching for it and, lo and behold, she found it.

I was so excited I hugged her, which I shouldn’t have done under COVID circumstances!

We love The Little Venetian, their scrumptious food and their exceptional service. Now I have one more reason to love this restaurant and their owners. I am so very grateful.

Laurie Platt, Saint Paul


Sainted, response

This is in response to the Sainted about the Lynx on Sept. 5.

I think it’s great that the Minnesota Timberwolves, the Lynx and the Minnesota Twins televise their games. However for those of us who were getting FSN it was taken away. FSN North and Dish were trying to negotiate a pricing deal since July of 2019. No resolution was made so now the channel 436 has been permanently removed. The only solution would be for these teams to have their games televised on other stations. I am sure there are a lot of us who have DISH as our cable TV.

Mary Sigerson, Prescott, Wis.


Tainted response:
They’re ducks, not geese.
And furthermore …

This is in response to the complaining golfer at the Highland Golf course in last week’s “tainted” letter about my feeding the ducks: Is this the same person who claimed I was trespassing on his private property?

It’s too bad I need to remind him this course was paid for and built using public funds that we still help pay for today. The pond and the ducks are a community attraction that many people, particularly young kids, enjoy.

In 2004, different kinds of water birds came in after the city built a large pond on the 18th hole. Before long, the ducks were stopping traffic by wandering onto and across the street. A city parks ranger came by and asked if I would feed the ducks, in small amounts, back over on the golf course, but still out of the way of golfers. It would train the ducks to mostly stay near the pond and not in the road.

That idea worked well. The grain I feed the ducks is gone in minutes, long before geese can get any. The different flocks of migrating geese that constantly pass through are no different than you find on every other golf course with water hazards.

Ducks are not a problem.

John Mannillo, St. Paul

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