Letters: A better use for that $263,000

23October 2020

Wait, $263,000 — did I read that right?

Money spent buying food for people who lost jobs thanks to the pandemic? Rent payments so families aren’t put out on the street with winter coming on? The cost of running a homeless shelter for the winter?

No, no, no.

It’s what the AG’s office had to spend defending against the lawsuit brought by Minnesota state Sen. Gazelka and his caucus against our excellent Gov Walz using his emergency powers during the pandemic. Our tax dollars down the drain because of jealousy over who has power.

C’mon Republicans, let’s figure out solutions instead of throwing nails on the street to disrupt progress. Every dollar spent in any way is precious during this crisis, and frivolous lawsuits should not be one of the ways.

Cynthia Spellman, Shoreview


Rule is for the living

I’ve heard of ballots going out to deceased people, but I am surprised at both deceased Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg request that her seat was not filled until after the election as well as this week’s obituary of Georgia May Adkins, who requested, in lieu of flowers, do not vote for Trump.

Everyone knows you cannot rule from the grave.

Helene Houle, St. Paul


We paid

I am reminded by the most recent political rally chant of “Lock her up” about a previous chant, “Who will pay for the fence?” “The Mexicans.”

Unfortunately, we the taxpayers had to pay for it.

Jack Getzel, Mahtomedi


On the front lines

If grocery store workers have been deemed essential workers and have been on the front lines since the pandemic began, teachers should be essential too.

Get the students back into the classrooms and start teaching in person. Take a lesson from the private and parochial schools.

If kids don’t return to in-person classes, then stop asking for money.

Jacqueline Heintz, St. Paul

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