Letters: Beware conspiracy theorists. Do a little investigating yourself.

3March 2021

“QAnon, the Holocaust and conspiracy theories’ deadly power” is a headline on a March 2 Opinion column.

We are witnessing a political conspiracy movement, much like the Nazis who shaped our past history. Many in the public can’t see it coming.

We have Holocaust deniers today, in spite of the enormous library of stories and photos. The conspiracy strategies allowed the Nazis to take power, exterminate 6 million Jews and “foreigners” and start World War II.  They condemned their political opponents as communists (sound familiar, as Democrats are now called “communists” by Republican leaders?).

Now we have Minnesota legislators making unconfirmed audits of Minnesota Covid deaths and reporting nearly half are not related to Covid. So, who do you believe these days? No one?

Public, wake up and be a little more critical about what we read and what we hear. Do a little investigating yourself. My message here is, conspiracy strategies have been used by many of history’s most corrupt leaders. We all pay when we allow such leaders to take power.

Mark Nupen, M.D., Anoka


Deter panhandling at busy intersections

Hats off to the Spring Lake Park city council for just passing their ordinance aimed at preventing people from spending long periods of time on medians at certain busy intersections, often slowing down traffic, occasionally causing accidents and sometimes being injured themselves.

I won’t be surprised when someone calls this an infringement of their rights to earn a living — panhandling.

I hope other councils in the cities of the metro area take note and do the same thing.

Alan Jones, Crystal

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