Letters: Blame Trump for Covid cases? Then blame Walz, too

28October 2020

If President Trump is getting criticized for the increase of cases and deaths from Covid-19, why not criticize Minnesota Gov. Walz for the increase in cases and deaths in Minnesota?

Why in Minnesota are there still many cases and deaths, especially in nursing homes despite a limit on visitors and measures to stop the contagion.

Neither the president nor the governor has control of the spread of the virus because there were many unknowns about it over these last seven months.

They both tried, but if you are going to blame one, then blame both. Neither approach worked because it is like the Dutch Boy putting his finger in the dike.

Barb Thompson, Shoreview


Credit not due

The editorial page column “Consider the VA” which seemed to be about health care for veterans was really about scaring Americans about “radical Democrats” with their “frightening ideas.”

The column proposes that Bernie Sanders and the far left want a health care system like Venezuela, while Trump has saved us with his health care bill for veterans. The truth is that his health care bill simply expanded the private-care health care program crafted by Bernie Sanders and John McCain (you remember — Trump called this hero a loser). When Trump took credit for this initiative, he received a CNN award for one of his 12 most notable lies of the year.

John Giese, St. Paul


Tired of depredations

The David Brooks column in Saturday’s newspaper (“There are limits, but the country is moving left”) is a fascinating and accurate look at the gradual shift in the nation’s political balance over time, with one omission. I believe  the general public has become tired of the thefts and maneuverings by the oligarchs of Wall Street and our federal government which usually result in grand thefts of the nation’s resources, the suppression of larger groups of citizens and the callous waste of the planet’s resources at the obvious expense of the welfare of succeeding generations.

These depredations for short-term wealth will ultimately destroy the human race unless we continue, as a unified people, to work for the greater good.

Carl Brookins, Roseville


Which is it?

Does anyone else see the irony on the front page of the Pioneer Press, Thursday, Oct 22, with Pope Francis, the leader of the Roman Catholic Church, endorsing same-sex unions while the article next to it describes our Supreme Court nominee, also a Roman Catholic, serving on a board that believes gays will all go to hell?

Greg Nayman, St. Paul


Exposing charlatans

It was with great sadness that I read in Friday’s paper of the passing of James Randi. James was a national treasure who worked tirelessly to expose paranormal idiocy and charlatans.

But the anti-science gibberish spouted by our president, the present-day popularity of horoscopes in otherwise respectable newspapers (are you reading this, Mr Burbach?), the continuing attempts to shoehorn Creation “Science” into the public schools, Bermuda Triangle nonsense, dowsing, faith healing, the occasional hiring of psychics by law enforcement to help solve crimes (to name a few, all of which have been debunked), and the apparently successful (advertising is not cheap) ads for “miracle” pills and creams to cure what medicine has not been able to (in spite of the accompanying disclaimers that “this product is not meant to cure or treat any disease!”) bear testament to the fact that his work is far from complete. Rest in peace Old Man, you did well.

For those interested in his work I’d recommend his book “Flim Flam,” and for any Bermuda Triangle wackos out there, “The Bermuda Triangle Mystery — Solved,” by Kusche.

Sandy Beitsch, St. Paul

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