Letters: Different tactics but similar death numbers in Minnesota and Wisconsin

30December 2020

We keep hearing Gov. Walz say we must follow the science and numbers. Minnesota and Wisconsin have approximately the same populations; some urban some rural.

Minnesota has again shut down our restaurants, bars and health clubs, while Wisconsin has these open. As of Dec. 26, Wisconsin had 5,028 deaths and Minnesota 5,107.  I understand that Gov. Walz’s job is difficult, but he is not following the science/numbers, he is simply scaring the Minnesota economy for years to come.

John Heller, North St. Paul


Hot times

Nero fiddled while Rome burned. President Trump plays golf.

Larry Larson, Forest Lake


We let him walk?

So the police found the felon who is alleged to have left a gun lying about that was then used as a toy resulting in the death of a 2-year-old child. What was the Judge George Stephenson thinking when he let the career criminal who was guilty of two heinous crimes in Minnesota off with probation? Besides the two convictions in Minnesota the culprit had seven felony convictions in Illinois and we let him walk,. Only the devil knows how many crimes he committed and was not caught for.

Tom Bates, St. Paul

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