Letters: Hope there’s something in that huge bill for the IRS

10March 2021

With the huge $1.9 trillion stimulus payment being approved by Congress I hope there is something for the IRS.

If you call during income-tax season with a question you get this type of message: “Due to the high volume of calls we cannot talk to you now and try again later.”

You get this message quite often and it is not a service we as taxpayers appreciate.

Jack Herrick, Burnsville


The textbook racket

I’m a freshman at the University of Minnesota. I spent about $500 on textbooks this year alone, and that’s getting off easy compared to a lot of other students. Textbooks often cost more than $200 each, sometimes reaching $400. The overall price of textbooks has increased by over 800% in the past 30 years.

It’s already a struggle for thousands of students to afford tuition, and ballooning textbook costs are unnecessarily adding to that stress. Nearly half of all students take different or fewer classes because of material costs.

Education shouldn’t be a space filled with paywalls and capitalistic exploitation, especially when solutions exist. The University of Minnesota should lead in the national transition to open textbooks and educational equity.

Thea Wangsness, Minneapolis


Glad to pay for water plant

Regarding the recent front page story on upgrading the St. Paul Regional Water Services 100-year-old water treatment plant: Living in West St. Paul we are part of the 13 other east-metro communities serviced by this facility. I want to commend the commissioners of the SPRWS for their wise planning for a replacement plant.

Unlike what recently happened in Texas, we in St. Paul and the east metro area will continue to have a clean, reliable, uninterrupted supply of drinking water. Users fund 100% of the plant’s operation — we need to remember living with the many services we enjoy in a modern society comes at a cost.

I am happy and proud to help pay for a new, updated, reliable source of drinking water.

Mike Koenigsberger, West St. Paul

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