Letters: It was about politics, not panic

16September 2020

I think one of the more insidious things Donald Trump did was to declare to the public that the pandemic was a Democratic hoax. That statement had nothing to do with promoting calm and allaying panic and everything to do with politics.

The irony is that the people most likely to take his statement at face value, thus endangering themselves and their families by ignoring the warnings, were his own supporters. He knew the pandemic was not a hoax, but he chose to mislead people that trusted him.

Susan Roden, White Bear Lake



My thanks to the NFL, owners and players union for emancipating me from Sunday afternoons/evenings, Monday nights and Thursday evenings. You have freed me from the meaningless bondage of football.

Perhaps the choice to take a knee during the Anthem or link arms while being entertained by a “black anthem” will serve you as well as it has served me.

I believed long before “Black Lives Matter” that police practices needed fine tuning. I have had, and currently have, police officers in my family. For those who do not understand the issues officers confront, take some of your protest time and ride along with an officer. You could learn something.

I am white and a veteran. Many from my family have served this country, even given their lives, so “athletes” have the right to dishonor their service. Yes, I have benefitted from the gift of “white privilege”. I had the privilege of working more than 80 hours a week for four and a half years and going to college on the GI bill at the same time. That is not a misprint. My career was in Human Resources. I would defend my contributions to the advancement of females and minorities against anyone.

The Anthem is National. It is not Black, White, Hispanic, Asian or any other classification. Stand up for your country since most of you have never served it.

Dale Johnson, Shell Lake, Wis.

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