Letters: Judge not, judges, until it’s time to judge, OK?

2October 2020

The image of the blindfolded goddess holding the scales of justice is out of favor today, but should it be? Cases before the Supreme Court have complex facts and complex legal arguments. The Supreme Court is charged with sorting out the facts and law. How can that sorting happen if justices have immutable views on what the outcome should be before they hear the cases?

Several years ago, some in my neighborhood were strongly opposed to having a street designated a Bike Boulevard.

Our campaign against the Bike Boulevard included a petition circulated to all houses along that street. I knocked on one door and gave my spiel. The man at the door told me he could not sign because he was a judge and might be assigned the case if there was a lawsuit. He could not prejudice himself on something that might come before his court.

Maybe the same standards should apply to the Supreme Court. Maybe the judges should not be selected on the basis of their views on controversial topics of the day.

Elizabeth M. Kiernat, St. Paul


For want of a card

Cash was invented in ancient times, and since then I reckon my ancestors have been able to use it freely. But the times, they are a changin’.

Recently I couldn’t buy a blueberry scone because the cash-ier said four words I’ve never heard before – “We don’t take cash.”

Doug Grev, St. Paul

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