Letters: Leverage the full force of our vaccine infrastructure: that is, pharmacists

20January 2021

A recent article reported that West Virginia is the only state to create its own Covid-19 distribution plan. All other 49 states have adopted the national program which partners with Walgreens and CVS to provide Covid-19 immunization to long term care (LTC) and assisted living facilities. Big chains are not as prominent in West Virginia so the state decided to create a network of 250 mostly independent pharmacies. Many of these pharmacies were already providing services to LTC sites and  started vaccinating LTC nearly two weeks before most other states started. West Virginia has vaccinated health care workers and delivered the first dose to ALL LTC sites and has started second doses and preparing for other groups. This illustrates that a “one size fits all” healthcare delivery system may not be efficient or effective.

Minnesota ranks in the top 10 on influenza vaccination rates, in large part because of our nurses and our pharmacists and their accessibility. If a vaccine is inaccessible to a patient, it is no different than if the vaccine doesn’t exist. Why not leverage the full force of the existing immunization infrastructure and the most accessible healthcare providers for Minnesotans: pharmacists? Utilizing all of our pharmacists in independent pharmacies, small and large chains and clinic pharmacies, we can reach the largest number of people in the fastest and most efficient manner. While vaccine is in short supply at this point, we need to be prepared to protect our public when the vaccine is soon plentiful.

Jason Varin, Eden Prairie
The writer practiced as a community pharmacist for 22 years and now teaches at the U of M College of Pharmacy


Where it needs to start

The writer who suggested the time to heal (Jan. 15) was two months ago has it backwards. It is not those of us who support Donald Trump who need to give. It is the people who never accepted his election in 2016 and spent the entire four years trying to overturn it with politically motivated investigations and bogus impeachments.

We remember all the hate and acrimony flung our way by those Americans who hate us deplorables in flyover country and everything we stand for. Nobody doing the flinging has uttered one word of apology. That’s where healing needs to start. I hold little hope that it actually will.

Jay Maynard, Fairmont


Selective memory

A letter-to-the-editor writer from Woodbury (“Remembered for nothing else,” Jan. 17) posited that Democrats in Congress, led by Nancy Pelosi, will be remembered for nothing else but their attempt to take down Donald Trump — thereby canceling the wishes of 74 million voters. He neglects to mention the 80 plus million voters who wished to end the Trump regime. Selective memory, I guess.

Earl Bailey, West St. Paul

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