Letters: Looking for fraud in blue states, but not red?

11November 2020

Widespread, rampant voter fraud? Illegal, dead people, “late” voting? And it all happened only in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona, Wisconsin and Nevada?

What about the horrible irregularities in Ohio, or the hoax of mail-in voting in Florida? And in Texas, the oil capital of the nation, the vote was clearly rigged.

It would be a disgrace, the likes of which we’ve never seen, to look for voter fraud only in blue states, and not in red states.

Pat Cullen, Stillwater


I have a negative feeling

I had an interesting voting experience. On Oct. 8, my husband’s and my absentee ballots arrived. My husband’s was fine, but I was also sent voter registration papers. I called the proper election office and told them that I was already a registered voter. She informed me that I lived at an undeliverable address. I expressed my concern that, if that was so, how could they have mailed us the ballots and the registration papers? We live in a senior housing complex with at least a hundred residents with the same address. She said, “Fill it out” and hung up on me.

Along with the registration and ballot, I sent a note and a copy of my last postcard showing proof of registration and assigned polling place.

I have a negative feeling that they threw my ballot in the waste basket.

Lola Christianson, Roseville


We benefit

This current president fits no one’s slot. He is his own man. A smart successful businessman who loves his country and just got sick of the lethargy in Washington, D.C., and decided to fix it — and enjoys poking a stick in the eye of his adversaries along the way.  “We the people” are the beneficiaries.

We benefit from the tax cuts that allow us to retain more of a hard earned salary. We benefit when ALL citizens of this Republic are able to find jobs. We benefit that this Republic is energy independent. We benefit from a booming economy. We benefit with each new peace agreement in the Middle East. And so much more

For me that is acting presidential. And for me he is owed a heartfelt and grateful thanks.

Arlene F. Englert, Eagan

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