Letters: Mostly peaceful? Again?

9December 2020

Letters: Mostly peaceful? Again?

As I read the story, “Protest Saturday at the Governor’s Mansion ends with damaged cars, two citations,” one question dominated my thoughts: When are we going to stop using the phrase “mostly peaceful” every time Antifa and Black Lives Matter create chaos and destruction?

I cannot understand why an enterprising journalist hasn’t yet explored where Antifa and BLM get their funding. Nor can I understand why federal authorities haven’t yet declared them terrorist enterprises and dealt with them accordingly.

It’s ironic that for four years we’ve heard baseless accusations of fascism when referring to the current occupant of the White House. Meanwhile, the modern-day equivalent of WWII-era fascist blackshirts and brownshirts wreak havoc in our streets, and we describe them as “mostly peaceful.”

Orwell intended his writings as cautionary tales, not blueprints.

Thomas L. Bonnett, Mendota Heights



Aghast, appalled — first words that came to my head after reading that Paul Gazelka said legislators should be the next in line for vaccines after healthcare workers and the elderly. There is no end to the absurdities that come from representatives of the Republican Party.

To think he and his kind, who have fought against mask mandates and have held huge, non-social distanced gatherings, should get the vaccine before firefighters, first responders, grocery store/retail workers and those of the disproportionately affected communities boils my blood. The arrogance — and ignorance — of this man is nothing short of criminal. They cannot settle on a plan to help those affected, but want to be the first in line to be protected.

So remember — according to you and your party, Mr. Gazelka, this disease is all a hoax, we have rounded the corner and it is going away. Therefore, you do not need the vaccine. And to paraphrase someone whom I pray to each night so that someday I may be able to hug my parents again, those who make themselves first, shall go last!

Janet Freund, West St. Paul


Who’s responsible?

Companies and organizations are sued, held liable, pay fines and reparations totaling millions/billions for negligence, incompetence, or fraud. Some examples are cigarette companies, oil companies, asbestos-related businesses, chemical companies, pharmaceuticals, institutions that covered up sexual abuse, etc.

At the onset of Covid-19 there was an outcry for an investigation of the cause; silence since. This should be internationally pursued and if liability proven the company/government responsible should be held accountable. Although no amount of compensation will suffice for the pain, suffering, death, trauma and costs worldwide, it may provide some measure of closure and a future deterrent.

Al Shetka, St. Paul Park

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