Letters: Revive these agreements, restore faith in the word of the United States

25November 2020

In your Nov. 19 “Letters to the editor” section, a writer (“Surprised by that?“) pointed out that nobody should be surprised by Iran going forward with enriching uranium, which is contrary to their agreement in the “historic nuclear deal with the world.” In that agreement, Iran agreed to give up nuclear ambitions to avoid economic sanctions by western powers.

President Trump pulled us out of our agreement and re-imposed economic sanctions and the Europeans have been unwilling to stop him. Before he did this, the Iranians were keeping their promises to limit their nuclear policies. The nuclear agreement is dead. Hopefully, Joe Biden will be able to revive this agreement and the Paris Climate Accord and restore the peoples’ faith in the word of the United States.

John Giese, St. Paul


Afraid of what they’ll find?

I am starting to compare the Democrats to one of those kind of boyfriends, you know the ones, who marry their girlfriends as quick as they can before she discovers what an abusive mess they are.

And speaking of mess, my oh my we have quite a big one with all the fraud popping up everywhere.

So why be in such a big hurry, Democrats? If you and your president-hopeful are so for unity as he declares, then why wouldn’t you give Trump and the 73 million people the time to really make sure Biden won? Would that not bring peace and unity oh, and trust, if instead of making fun of Trump 24/7 and pressuring him to concede? Why not be patient and encourage  a good second look?

Or is it really because you are afraid of what they will find? You know what they will find, don’t you?

If not, I’m sure Sidney Powell does.

Melanie Van Wyhe, Stillwater


Speak up

If the Russian government was making claims that the American elections were illegal and fraudulent would our Congress and Senate remain silent? If any foreign government accused our election officials of stealing votes and rigging our elections, would our elected officials not speak up? The honesty and integrity of our election system is the foundation of America’s democracy. To falsely claim the system is illegal or corrupt without real evidence is a threat to America and our freedom. All Americans should be concerned and speak up.

Tom Mullaney, Woodbury

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