Letters: Rhetoric that led to insurrection

1April 2021

A recent Letter to the Editor addressed a letter that was sent out by Minnesota Sen. Matt Klein regarding the horrific attacks on Asian Americans and that it was related to the past administration’s rhetoric. He said that there was no proof, which caused me to almost spit out my coffee.

The past administration fanned the flames of hatred by calling it the “China virus” or “Kung Flu.” The proof is the videos of speeches given by the then-president to his followers who chanted the same thing. The writer was correct that rhetoric is dangerous, as we saw after the election when so many of his followers believed that the election was rigged, it wasn’t, and that he had won, he didn’t. He and his cohorts; Cruz, Hawley, Sidney Powell, Limbaugh, and yes some of the Republican congresspersons from Minnesota to name a few, continued to fan the flames. They all should be ashamed of continuing these lies but I am sure they are not as they continue to push discord among the American people with their lies.

As an interesting side note, Sidney Powell’s “just kidding” defense against the Dominion lawsuit is that “reasonable” people would not accept her statements as “fact” because the legal process hadn’t played out yet. In other words, reasonable people wouldn’t have believed her claims.

If  you want further proof of Donald Trump stirring up his followers, one only has to listen the speech given on Jan. 6 and then listen to the insurrectionists who stormed the Capitol, damaged it, erected a gallows and then went looking for Pence, Pelosi and others.  These people used the same words that Trump used in his speeches. I doubt that many of them had ever read the Constitution or the Bill of Rights, they just believed what they heard.

Deborah Miller, Hastings


Not so quick to judge

In a letter to the editor on March 28, the writer noted “all the missteps” made by President Biden when he speaks and stated that “he needs to fully disclose his medical records” because “Americans have the right to know what is going on with him.”

Apparently, the letter writer is unaware that President Biden has dealt with a speech disability since childhood. Had she been aware of this disability, perhaps she would have been more understanding and compassionate and not so quick to judge.

Estee Stene Krueger, Apple Valley


Petty politics

I was certainly as flabbergasted as everyone else to see that such a ludicrous and hairbrained proposal to cede western Minnesota counties to South Dakota would actually be submitted on the floor of our august Legislature. After I recovered from my surprise, I couldn’t help but chuckle with bemusement when I realized that Rep. Munson’s plan would turn over a safe Republican congressional seat. As a lifelong DFL supporter, I would be happy to work with Munson to make this bipartisan effort happen. If he dislikes us Twin Cities residents so much, I’d be happy to let him go in exchange for a free House seat …

I joke, of course. Our integrity as a state of communities that support each other is far more important than petty politics. I would never suggest such an awful thing, even though redistricting is coming up very soon. I’ve made enough hypothetical redistricting maps to know how easy it would be to make a 5-0 Democratic Minnesota House delegation. It just goes to show that some of our Republican representatives are more interested in putting on a show than doing the political math that will help their communities and voters around the state.

Sidney A. Carlson White, St. Paul

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