Letters: Sure, the ‘U’ needs money, but at what price?

18September 2020


The Big Ten association and the University of Minnesota are showing their true colors now with the decision to play college football this season. Evidently the financial hit that the school would endure by not allowing the football season to proceed is more important than avoiding additional Covid cases that are likely to occur with this change in direction.

Sure, they have to pay attention to their finances but perhaps they could consider cutting through the many layers of administrative positions with obscene salaries instead of endangering students with additional risk of the virus.

Dick Weinhandl, Aitkin


Can we park there?

I read the story about the new store planned in the Highland Bridge Development to replace the current store on Ford Parkway in St. Paul.  As a long time Lunds shopper, I am wondering about the parking for those of us who need to drive to the new location.

It is my understanding that parking in the new development will be limited by the assumption that residents will not need cars. Public parking will also be limited.  Site access may be difficult and the increased traffic volume on the adjoining streets probably has been under estimated. Grocery stores are subject to “surge” activity.

I hope it will not become too difficult to continue shopping at Lunds & Byerlys!

Elizabeth M. Kiernat, St. Paul


Mayor Carter is slashing the Parks and Recreation Department budget, which includes forestry, and he’s all over the board as to where St. Paul’s money is going.

We already are in a dire situation for replacing boulevard trees and taking years to do it as we lose thousands of trees. The mayor’s “Pedestrian Plan” includes the elimination of many boulevard trees in order to lay down impervious surface sidewalks for our health and safety. Meantime, there is little to no coordination between the Public Works Department and the City’s Forestry Department toward achieving this plan.

We are all aware of the $7.5 million dollar bike path under construction along Ayd Mill Road. That money could have and should have been used to maintain our Parks and Recreation Department.

Greg Nayman, St. Paul


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