Letters: Take precautions so we can go back to school and learn

16December 2020

I’m an 8th grader at Woodbury middle school. I’m writing in response to the article entitled “Minnesota health officials hopeful but still assessing Thanksgiving effect on pandemic.”

The Covid pandemic has forced my school to go completely online. Because of this we are missing out on activities like sports and after-school activities. Many struggle with online learning because it is a lot harder to focus on school.

I hope that people will continue to take precautions like social distancing and wearing masks so we all can go back to school and learn.

Nora Cavallo, Woodbury


Thanks, Trump administration

I’d like to thank the Trump administration for its efforts in initiating the “Warp Speed” development for a vaccine.

In just several months we now have the first of these being released to the country with at least two more coming soon. It’s an amazing age where this is even possible. The Sunday after the election I saw an uplifting story on a network news program featuring the herculean task of dispersing the vaccine to the country. This involves our military as well as other federal agencies and sub-contractors who will provide the transportation. This  is more than a normal logistical challenge. But, It looks like they are all up to the task.

There’s bound to be a kink or two in the operation and rest assured our media will let us know about it as long as the current president still resides in the White House. But, that’s okay as it won’t be long now until we’re told that all is right with the country again. Just thought I’d like to give a little credit where it is due.

Mark Ruecker,  Roseville


Don’t like it? Don’t shop there

People need to remember that stores are private businesses. They set their own rules for the public to use their establishment. If you don’t like their rules (wear masks), don’t shop there. It is their right to tell you to leave.

Deb Jaworski, St. Paul


The greatest impact for good

I have mixed feelings about President-elect Joe Biden and VP-elect Kamala Harris as Time Persons of the Year, even if well deserved. For 10 months we have been consumed by the biggest public health disaster in a century, the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of us have recovered from coronavirus, have avoided death and gone about our daily business because of unsung heroes.

My vote for Persons of the Year are the frontline and essential workers. These are the heroic people who every day under trying and stressful conditions have done their jobs quietly and with no accolades. These heroes have had the greatest impact for good for millions of us for these past 10 months.

Geri Minton, Roseville

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