Letters: Thanks, Dr. Hogan, for the insight into loving our neighbors

28November 2020

Regarding Dr. Daniel Hogan’s column, “Fighting for life,” (Nov. 22): My heart is overwhelmed by your empathy and compassion for the Hmong man fighting Covid.

Your words, empathy, care and love for a fellow human being overwhelmed me. If we all had such insight to loving our neighbors as you do, well, hopefully it has opened some eyes and hearts. Thank you.

Cynthia Vonhoff-Lynn, Hudson


Grace at St. Joe’s

I was recently hospitalized at St. Joseph’s Hospital on a non-Covid matter. I was awestruck by how consistently friendly, courteous and helpful the entire staff were. I can’t imagine the stress they are under. They are not just bearing up; they are bearing up with grace.

David Hols, St. Paul


A choice

The GOP is faced with a stark choice. Do they follow Donald Trump down the rabbit hole or move to an actual conservative future driven by traditional Republican values?

Joe Danko, North St. Paul


Reason to disbelieve

If anyone believes the publicity regarding privacy of the state-promoted virus tracing app, I have some great oceanfront property in the middle of Arizona that I would like to sell them.

I am routinely asked for my social security number for identification purpose.

My social security card, issued many years ago, clearly states:


The promise that it would never become a national identification card was the original ploy used to convince the public to accept the idea of the card.

Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. No thank you, Gov Walz and comrades.

Jerry Buseman, Burnsville

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