Letters: The Capitol riot was shameful. So is impeachment.

13January 2021

Thousands of Trump supporters protested the certification of an election in which voter fraud had not been thoroughly investigated.  A small number of the mostly peaceful protesters stormed the Capitol and broke into the chambers of Congress. This shameful behavior cannot be condoned by anyone in any way.

Democrat leaders are trying to impeach President Trump who already conceded and has about one week left in office. The impeachment effort by Democrats is spiteful and equally shameful, and it will further divide the country. This is not the way America should be.

Dennis A. Helander, White Bear Lake


Talk about talking points

Sunday’s letter-writer of “Gang violence, not gun violence” tried to accuse the writer of the Jan. 7 letter, “Resolve,” of using “the gun-control crowd’s tired talking points.”  This is not true. That letter used facts, where today’s letter writer used the talking points of the gun lobby, the NRA.

He tried to imply that gangs and those suffering from mental illness are the cause of most gun violence. America has no more mental illness per capita than other developed countries, but it has by far the most gun violence deaths.

In Minnesota, about 78 percent of gun deaths are by suicide, of which most are white citizens from all over the state. Yes, contrary to the writer’s argument, gun suicide is gun violence. Over a dozen states have passed red-flag bills. In these states gun deaths have gone down in domestic violence and suicide. In the many states that passed background checks for all gun sales, gun deaths were also reduced. Well over a majority of gun owners and about 90 percent of the public support extended background checks and related gun safety bills.

Sadly, the Republicans, the party of life, who control the Minnesota Senate, are again saying they will not consider these life-saving bills.

Gary Thompson, St. Paul


How? Well …

Social and mass media are awash with questions about how the past week’s protests could have happened. Really?

For 10 months now, most of America has been denied a livelihood, meaningful education, spiritual comfort, medical procedures, celebrations of family milestones, and any entertainment. We see that in the few lucky states that have allowed them, the sky has not fallen.

I drive past miles of burned-out rubble to my job near 38th and Chicago, where “protesters” still man permanent guard booths they’ve erected around the neighborhood, and charge protection money to drive on public streets, all with our leaders’ blessing. My armed boss still sleeps at the store, which continues to get vandalized; we don’t know if we’ll have a job to go to from week to week. Since my husband’s employer closed last spring he’s still looking for work, as the governor’s constantly changing mandates keep chipping away at our kids’ hours.

Elected officials tell us “we’re in this together” while sharing none of our hardships. Calls to their offices are met with recordings, and correspondence rates only an automated reply. Meanwhile, they try to buy our pacifism $600 at a time. That works out to less than a dollar a day after taxes. I am one of millions who believe that our lives and our freedom are worth more than that.

Laurie Miller, St. Paul


No longer in doubt

Last week’s astounding events in Washington, D.C., precipitated by the equally astonishing scene of a failed American president inciting his crowd of violent zealots to riot, is a fitting culmination of the assault on our democratic institutions carried out during the preceding four years of the Trump administration.

It is the long-established trademark of despots to encourage their followers to violence in an attempt to impose their political will and retain power that cannot be sustained at the ballot box. But this thuggery has taken us to lows unprecedented in the USA since the Civil War.

Since the election, I had been reflecting on whether or not Mr. Trump would indeed go down in history as our worst president. The question is no longer in doubt.

Patrick Hill, St. Paul

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