Letters: The time for healing was 2 months ago

15January 2021

I kept hearing the argument from Republicans that President Trump shouldn’t be impeached because there was only a week left and it’s time to heal. The time to begin healing was two months ago when it was determined that Biden won.

We cannot let Trump get away with inciting an insurrection. If he weren’t impeached, he would run again in four years, which will be a disaster either way. If he comes back and wins in 2024, we’re likely have a repeat of the last four years of unrest. If he loses in 2024, he’ll lie again that there was election fraud. We also need to discourage any of younger Republicans who worship Trump from trying the same thing.

Even if the proceedings go into Biden’s presidency, I hope he is convicted so that we don’t have to live through this again.

Donna Spikes, Fridley


The study says …

The United States has conducted a statistically significant study on the effectiveness of shutting down businesses and indoor activities in controlling Covid 19. California with a population of approximately 40 million and Florida with a population of 20 million share many things in common. They have diverse highly urban populations. The climate in both states is similar. It is notable that the approach to controlling Coronovirus for the two states is markedly different. California adopted strong measure to limit the activities of individuals including mandatory masks, no indoor dining, restrictions of large group meetings, and periodic “stay at home” orders. Florida adopted a community by community approach with recommended masks, social distancing in restaurants and reopening of businesses early in the year once measures were in place.

The result of the study is striking. According to the data presented by the Pioneer Press, the two states share the same infection rate. Roughly 14.5% of the population in each of the two states has contracted the virus to date. State governments should take note for future pandemics. Ruining your state’s economy and putting millions of entrepreneurs out of business is ineffective and injurious. A prudent science-based approach is required, not one which plumps up the egos of dictatorial governors.

Max Cortner, Inver Grove Heights

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