Letters: Wait, I thought we were supposed to embrace protesters?

2September 2020

Regarding the article “Conservative commentator loses free-speech lawsuit,” I found it interesting U.S. District Judge Susan Richard Nelson would throw that suit out. The U of M has recently hosted U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar, U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders and activist Angela Davis at large venues on their Minneapolis campus.  And yet, the judge was worried about Ben Shapiro’s speech drawing protesters.

In the recent months we have been told to embrace protesters. For some reason Judge Susan Richard Nelson did not get that memo.

Barbara Eliason, Northfield



Two more government agencies have been co-opted by politics. The FDA, once known as the Food and Drug Administration, is now the FDAA, the False Disease Advice Administration. The CDC, once known as the Centers For Disease Control, is to be renamed the Coronavirus Disinformation Coordinator.

These people are fooling with peoples’ lives, and both organizations might as well shut down as they cannot be trusted to watch out for the people.

Regarding the first COVID-19 vaccines to become available: I am 80 years old and my wife is 76. We are both compromised with health issues. Neither one of us will be waiting in line to get the shot. Because of the extreme rush to get a vaccine we do not trust that it will be tested thoroughly.

Marvin L. Nelson, River Falls, Wis.


Super powers

I watched the Democratic National Convention directly on the DNC website and the Republican National Convention on Fox Business, both without any commentators adding political spin. President Trump and his family and supporters demonstrated his gift of “truthful hyperbole” many times.

They also demonstrated their superpower of “telepathy,” the ability to read the mind of Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and every Democrat in the country.

Another of their superpowers demonstrated was “clairvoyance,” the ability to clearly see the future we will have if Biden and Harris are elected. That hellish future sounds almost as bad has what we have right now under the present administration.

Dale R. Lutz, Maplewood

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