Letters: Want to shut down the pipeline? Then shut down your furnace, too.

10February 2021

The arctic winds blow into Minnesota. New England’s blizzard dropped 30 inches of snow. It’s a good reminder that we need a reliable variety of fuels to survive.

The best demonstration by anyone who wants to shut down pipelines would be to turn off their home furnaces, walk to their protests, and don’t wear any of those warm, windproof clothes made with synthetics. Prove your extremism isn’t hypocritical.

Jerry Monson, Mahtomedi



It seems that every time a government spokesman comes on TV to update progress on the relief bill there are needy people listening for good news only to be disappointed and waiting for the word “now” to mean “now.”

Rodney A. Davies, St. Paul



On Friday, the paper reported that semi-permanent vaccine sites would be located in Minneapolis, Duluth and a southern Minnesota site to be determined. I recognize the need to have sites outside the metro area. However, the metro area has more than half the population of the state. It could support two semi-permanent sites. As a St. Paul resident, I am tired of everything going to Minneapolis.

Elizabeth Kiernat, St. Paul



Hmmm … Mitch McConnell has repeatedly told the GOP caucus that the upcoming impeachment vote for the former POTUS will be a vote of conscience. If the majority of the GOP caucus vote – as expected, once again – for acquittal, does that then mean the majority of Republican senators do not have a conscience? Just wondering.

 J. Lemke, Shoreview

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