Letters: Wave after wave of bent logic

2December 2020

Lately, logic escapes me. Maybe I’m too far removed from the teachings of my youth, or over time, the newly discovered gravity waves may have bent logic to the extent that I can no longer recognize it.

I am confounded by the human logic of people rushing to congest together in unprotected masses, knowing that the best way to contract a potentially deadly, or at best, a highly disabling disease, is to congest together in unprotected masses.

Or what is the bent logic of, in spite of the certainty that this proclivity will cause an increased need for hospital beds, to close a St. Paul hospital? Knock knock. Who’s there? Bethesda. Bethesda who? That’s right, there is no Bethesda any more. But maybe I should not be so bemused by the new bent logic. I once called a state agency on a Friday afternoon and heard a recording state, “To better serve you, we close Fridays at noon.” What would they do to serve me even better, close all day?

Take care, wash your hands, cover your mouth, keep your distance and stay safe.

Bob Emery, Mendota Heights


Sounds like Trump

Who can explain such an assertion? In Saturday’s Letters to the Editor, a correspondent wrote that if the GOP follows Donald Trump it will either go down a rabbit hole or follow traditional Republican values. Abe Lincoln, first Republican president, like Trump, enacted huge tariffs to allow American manufacturers to compete with foreign manufacturers. As a lwayer, he supported free markets and said that patent laws were among the most important of all laws. Like Trump, Lincoln raised a huge army to ensure individual liberties would be a right for all, and even used the army to put down riots in several cities. He said that if the U.S. was to fall it would only be brought down from within. Sounds very much like Trump!

And who better exemplified Republican values than Theodore Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan? Roosevelt’s “America First” policies became a huge rallying cry preceeding and following WWI and the bulwark for the economic progress afterward. His relentless sounding of the claxon to be prepared for war resulted in a quicker end, and countless lives were saved. He often reiterated his belief that nations survive when individuals stand or fall on their own.

Much of the same can be said about President Reagan, who believed that he erred by signing an executive order giving amnesty to over 3 million illegal immigrants which he later thought to be a mistake.

So one asks, just what traditional GOP values does Trump differ with, and what changes should he make so that the GOP does not go down some rabbit hole?

Richard Iffert, Eagan

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