Letters: Why the backlash over Kirk Cousins’ sane opinions?

4September 2020

I am mystified concerning the backlash over Kirk Cousins’ sane and balanced remarks.

We live in a country where everyone should be allowed their opinion on a matter. That is all he did in the interview, share his opinion.

There are many people of faith who applaud his comments, and share his opinion, and I am one of them. Yes, I wear a mask as required. No, I do not live in fear and hide in my home. Yes, I am out spending my money and doing my part to keep the economy and small businesses running. I live in America, “land of the free, and home of the brave.”

Sally Bull, Eagan


Dishonest cartoon

I found your Aug. 30 Opinion Page cartoon of a Biden/Harris campaign button going up in smoke with “violence, looting, riots” in the smoke to be dishonest.  Neither Biden nor Harris has anything to do with what is going on in America at this time — the violence, looting, and riots. This is on Trump’s watch.

Sarcasm is one thing, but out and out dishonesty has no place in the pages of a newspaper that is supposed to be giving us the true news and not slanted news. I hope you will do better in the future.

Cheryl Moe, Apple Valley


Obsessed with Sturgis

Why the obsession with the Sturgis motorcycle rally in South Dakota? It seems every day we have a new article giving us the running total of infections from those who attended. Now the headline announces we have our first death from the rally.

The article mentions more than 400,000 people attended the rally and you can identify roughly 260 cases of the virus in a dozen states. I calculate that to be 0.065% of those in attendance have contracted the virus. One person from Minnesota has died. Every death is a tragedy, especially for the person’s loved ones. However, those results seem to be extremely favorable compared with the infection rate from the George Floyd demonstrations, which you report was about 1.8%.

Rather than spend all the ink on Sturgis, the real story is the 1,345 deaths in long-term care facilities in Minnesota (73% of all deaths). It seems to me this tragedy and potential scandal might be an interesting story for an aggressive journalist and worthy of more space in your newspaper than the Sturgis rally.

Jack Andrews, Mendota Heights

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