Letters: Why the silence about all this Twin Cities crime?

18November 2020

Eighty-seven carjackings in a short time in Minneapolis. This is entirely the result of the defund-police movement initiated and supported by the city council. What world do these people live in? How about the increased murders in Minneapolis and St. Paul?

Newton’s law of motion states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. The knee-jerk and unthought-of reactions of these so called leaders is exactly what these criminals feed upon. I ask, why the silence of the family members and “friends” of these perpetrators? Where is this silent community?

G. Mertz, St. Paul


No sudden admission

I am stunned and amazed! In the Nov. 12 Pioneer Press, front page is the headline, “Election officials: No proof of fraud.” And in the subparagraph, “None in 49 states have reported any major voting issues.” Imagine anyone who would be running a fraudulent election suddenly admitting, “Oh yeah, we are corrupt!”

Richard Iffert, Eagan


Re-use and recycle

Let’s revive that statement we read and heard so many, many times four years ago: “You lost — get over it.”

L. Smith, West St. Paul


Concerned sometimes

Just read the letter in Sunday’s paper where a letter writer was concerned about his taxpayer dollars being used to defend President Trump’s lawsuits. As a regular reader of your paper, l guess l must’ve missed seeing a letter from this same writer complaining about his tax dollars being used to pursue a charge of Russian Collusion based entirely on a false dossier.

Don Anderson Jr., Cottage Grove

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