Minnesota elections 2020: House District 46A candidates

14October 2020


Anne Taylor

  • Age: 46

    Anne Taylor

  • Political party: Republican
  • City: Golden Valley
  • What qualifies you to hold this position? I pioneered exposing intrusive, third-party surveys given to children in our Minnesota schools. Active since 2013, I’ve testified multiple times before the Education Committee on student data privacy, curriculum and standardized testing. I have experience negotiating across party lines and ACLU to bring about the passage of student data bill.
  • What would your top priorities be if elected? My priority is to work on laws that protect children and families. Along with education, public safety is government’s major contribution. Without a robust economy and businesses shutting its doors, how are we to fund brick and mortar schools AND meet the needs of those in the community?
  • What do you think is the primary role of government? The primary role of government is the safety and welfare of its citizens. People have the right to have thoughts and opinions; however, the number one thing is protecting our citizens.
  • How would you rate Minnesota’s response to the coronavirus? What would you do differently? To give an honest answer, I would give Minnesota a “C” to the COVID-19 response. I would have put in more safeguards to protect the most vulnerable. I think the reaction was correct initially, but once we knew more about the virus, I think politics has played too much of a roll and our economy has suffered much from this.
  • Website or contact: http://annetaylor4staterep.com/index.html

Ryan Winkler

Candidate information not available.

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