Minnesotans set record for Give to the Max Day, giving more than $26 million

21November 2020

Minnesotans set record for Give to the Max Day, giving more than $26 million

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Minnesotans doubled down Thursday on their generosity, giving more than $26 million for schools and nonprofits — setting a record in the 12 years of Give to the Max Day. As nonprofits enter the critical year-end fundraising season, some leaders worried they’d tapped out donors with repeated calls for help in 2020 — first when COVID-19 hit and then after George Floyd’s death sparked an outpouring in aid for racial justice and businesses damaged in civil unrest. But Minnesotans, who often top the nation in lists ranking generosity, proved them wrong, flooding GiveMN’s website with money and smashing 2019’s record…. See article below.

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Source: https://www.startribune.com/minnesotans-set-a-give-to-the-max-day-record-giving-22-million/573128051/

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