Pioneer Press Treasure Hunt 2021 is on — but expect some changes

24December 2020

Pioneer Press Treasure Hunt 2021 is on — but expect some changes

It’s outside. And it’s on.

The Pioneer Press Treasure Hunt 2021 won’t be entirely the same as previous winter searches for the buried medallion, but it will go on, starting Jan. 24.

Treasure Hunt organizers had the Minnesota Department of Health review the plan and will continue to monitor and update it as needed, said Lori Swanson, vice president marketing for the Pioneer Press and Treasure Hunt coordinator. “We’ve been doing our diligence to make this happen,” she said.

“It’s a perfect event for these times,” Swanson said. “People need to get outside and need to do something.

“In this weird time, it’s something we can do — if we do it right.”

So, while Treasure Hunters will be following clues that appear daily in the Pioneer Press and, and searching on public land in Ramsey County for the medallion and a chance to win $10,000, here’s what’s going to be different in 2021 — the 70th year for the event.


  • No pre-party at Bad Weather Brewing.
  • No early scrambled clues.
  • No host restaurant or early newspaper distribution.
  • The Treasure Hunt app for mobile devices is no longer in use.

What to expect:

  • No purchase is necessary.
  • Online clues will come out at midnight.
  • Most newspapers will be available in racks, in stores, or delivered at your home around 6 a.m.

Pandemic requirements for Treasure Hunters:


Face coverings are required when hunting, outdoors around the parking area, and other hunters. Our recommendation is to keep the face mask on at all times, organizers say. “Plus, it’ll keep your face warm,” Swanson added.


Stay home if you are sick or if you are at high risk. Immediately leave the hunt if you begin to show illness symptoms and stay home for the duration.


Please adhere to physical distancing guidelines. Do not gather in groups in the parks, in the parking lot, around other hunters, etc.

“I’ve been saying, stay at arm’s length and the length of a shovel,” Swanson said.


Group gatherings in the parks or parking lots are limited to single household members. If the parks are closed at night due to restrictions or curfews due to the pandemic — follow the rules! No exceptions.


Hunting groups cannot have more than three members.


“We want you to have the best and safest hunt possible,” Swanson said. “We will all need to work together and follow all guidelines and policies to stay open for this event. It’s that simple. More than ever, watch our website and social media channels for updates.”

If the guidelines aren’t followed, the hunt will end. Guidelines and rules can be updated at any time during the hunt.

Pioneer Press 2021 light-up Medallion

The Pioneer Press is selling a light-up medallion that will qualify the person finding the treasure for an additional $5,000. The medallion is $10 (includes shipping) and will be sold online only. This is the only official registration site for the additional $5,000 prize. URL goes here.

The keepsake has colorful moving lights so you can be seen in the dark, Swanson said. And it will help Treasure Hunters keep social distancing in check.

So, three parts to the prize. The Treasure Hunter who follows the clues and locates the buried treasure will call the number on the Pioneer Press Medallion for info on how to qualify for the $2,500 initial cash prize. For an additional $2,500, the hunter who has found the hidden medallion needs to have all of the published daily clues, clipped or copied from the Pioneer Press or printed from, and provide them along with the found medallion. Then, the Pioneer Press also will award an additional $5,000 to the finder if he/she has a registered Pioneer Press 2021 light-up Medallion (only one name per medallion). Medallions will be registered immediately online at time of purchase at The Pioneer Press will recognize one winner with one prize. It’s up to the finder to share the award.

The Winter Carnival button will not work for the extra $5,000, “but we strongly recommend you buy that one too — it’s a great event and we are a proud sponsor,” Swanson said.

Where to find more information:

Medallion Hotline 651-228-5547 — the place to check to see if the medallion has been found. — 
Facebook Page Treasure Hunt —
Facebook Page Treasure Hunt Forums —

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