Projection art on Upper St. Anthony Falls Lock and Dam celebrates resilience of Indigenous women

12February 2021

The 49-foot-tall chamber of Upper St. Anthony Falls Lock and Dam in Minneapolis will be illuminated by projection art from 6 to 8:30 p.m. Feb. 18, 19 and 20. Northern Lights.mn’s “Illuminate the Lock” project celebrates the resilience of Indigenous women this year. “Madweyaashkaa: Waves Can Be Heard” by Moira Villiard is an animated video collage with a soundscape by Lyz Jaakola and narrative by Dakota/Ojibway First Nation elder Millie Richard.

The piece features images of the Grandmother moon (Nokomis), fire, earth, water and the jingle dress dance. There will also be small video projections around the lock with flickers of imagery from the main video. The video will run on a 10-minute loop.

The event is free, but reservations will be required. Enter at the west end of the Stone Arch Bridge. COVID restrictions will be in place. No more than 250 people will be allowed on the outdoor structure at a time. Masks and social distancing are required.

Owamni-yomni / Gakaabika / Upper St. Anthony Falls Lock and Dam is at 1 Portland Ave., Minneapolis. (Owmani-yomni is “whirlpool” in the Dakota language. Gakaabika is “severed rock” in the Ojibwe language. Both are the names of the place where the Upper St. Anthony Falls Lock and Dam currently sits, in the homelands of the Dakota.)

For more info: parkconnection.org/illuminate.

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