Sainted: My 95-year-old dad wanted to vote in person ‘one more time’

31October 2020


This Sainted goes to voters and the Ramsey County Election officials at the New Brighton Community Center.

My 95-year-old dad wanted to vote in person “one more time,” and, while complying with the legalities, the election officials helped make that happen.

From the voters who helped with doors to the staff who made allowances for him to vote more easily, I was truly grateful for the kindness which allowed him to participate in our democracy.

Every vote counts and it was heartwarming to see so many help to make that a reality for Dad.

Wendy Benson, North Oaks



Tainted to the people who let their dogs bolt from them because they are not holding on to the dog’s leash tight enough! If you know your dog runs after squirrels, cats, etc. HANG ON TO THE LEASH and focus on what you are doing.

Our porch, which is already compromised, could have collapsed after a huge dog ran under it, trying to capture a squirrel after the escaped from the owners.  And then the owner shimmied under the porch to get to the leash after it was caught on some wood, which created even more danger. And all this was unbeknownst to me until I happened to look out my front window. There was nothing funny about it.

And while I am at it, if you are out pushing a stroller with a child in tow, WHY ARE YOU TEXTING? Again, people need to focus. Either you are out enjoying quality time with your child or you are not!

Colleen Meyer, St. Paul



Marjorie Schrader, for graciously making oodles of face masks and donating them to raise money for my school charity, HeartToCareTanzania.org.

She brings them to our local Curves, and gals donate their dollars to the charity to look festive for the changing holidays. The young children at the school are the real winners!

Thank you, Marjorie.

Bethany Husby, Roseville

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