Sainted & Tainted: ‘It was my pleasure’ to be able to be there every day

13March 2021


Sainted are all of the friends and customers I had over the years at North Heights Hardware Hank.

My Uncle Kenny would be proud to read the cards I received and see the Sainted in last Saturday’s paper.  As one of my employees always said, “It was my pleasure,” to be able to be there every day.

It was a hard decision to sell the business, but I believe the new owner will continue to provide the same service as you have come to expect.

Thank You to everyone.

Jim Schwalbach, Little Canada



The article by Nancy Ngo about St. Paul Nice was good but it lacked one very kind and super nice place: Tin Cup’s on Rice Street.

The owner, Gidget Bailey, has been so very helpful to the Rice Community, especially through this Covid crisis. She has helped so many with food drives, giving out free food when the eating establishments were first shut down and many people were out of jobs. All you have do is go to the parking lot of Tin Cup’s and ask about her and Tin Cup’s.  She even offered the Ramsey County Sheriff a space for a office to help the neighborhood with crime.

Peter Kirchoff, St. Paul


Tainted and Sainted

Tainted to those who deface public property with offensive language.

Sainted to MnDOT for taking my call and directing me to the appropriate person. The supervisor called me back and let me know the crew was on the way to take care of it. And they did, the very next day.

Well done, MnDOT.

Rita Saumweber, St. Paul



Thank you to the City of St. Paul for cleaning up the dangerous homeless encampment along Warner Road and in Lower Landing Park.

Fred Turk, St. Paul

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