Sainted & Tainted: Sign thieves were operating on their own misguided beliefs

26September 2020

Tainted, response

To the writer who “lost” her Trump signs within hours from her front lawn (“If trespassing, stealing, and shutting down speech is what you stand for,” Sept. 19) I was with you 100% to the very last word of your message. Whoever stole your signs was not working for a “party.”

That individual or those individuals were operating on their own misguided beliefs. No party, political or otherwise, was involved. We must all work to elevate the accuracy and honesty of our political dialogue or the country is doomed.

Carl Brookins, Roseville



While walking the old lift bridge in Stillwater my husband and I noticed all the trash that was thrown or left on the banks of the St. Croix River. We were saying what a shame it was.

As we were looking at all the garbage a young lady named Annette appeared. She had brought a plastic bag with her and started to pick up the trash. I started talking to her and she said her husband, Garrett, was on the other side.

A big thank you for taking care of our river.

Lorraine Kluegel, Mahtomedi



I wanted to send a Sainted to the businesses of Lake Street, Cub and Speedway especially, for hiring, and also to the residents of Lake Street, especially between 26th and 44th.

Being unemployed and struggling I was given a chance and hired by these companies, and in return the residents and customers I have faced and dealt with these past few weeks have been amazing. So, Sainted to the local customers along Lake Street returning to our businesses with courtesy and patience.

Unfortunately a Tainted goes to some places refusing services to various individuals who are in need of local help.

Shawn M. Ederhoff, Minneapolis



For years I have been reading about people who have had meals, groceries, fast food orders, etc., paid for them by strangers. Well, Monday, Sept. 21 it happened to me!

I was at the White Castle drive through about 12:30 and the line was fairly long so I had been behind this car for some time. I had been admiring his  bumper sticker which read “Trump 2020 Make America Great Again.” When I got up to the window to pay the worker just handed my order to me and told me to have a nice day. I told her that I needed to pay her first and she said it was taken care of it by the person ahead of me.

Thank you very much, sir, for the nice surprise.

Jeff Swanson, North St. Paul



I want to thank you for the front-page good news article (“Peace Corps work pays off,” Sept. 15).

I am glad there is a Peace Corp that trains people to see a need and fix it.

Jessica Hancock-Allen acted in very early March because she knew what was coming. She wrote the Pandemic Preparedness Guide.

She saved the lives of the homeless and other vulnerable people. Paring down the numbers of the shelters might not have been a top priority if she wasn’t there. Her proactive efforts have forestalled any major outbreaks.

Jeanie Snell, Oak Park Heights



Sainted to the wonderful librarians, especially the Dakota County Librarians in Hastings, for going above and beyond their regular jobs to keep us reading during these difficult times. They “special order,” package and deliver whatever we order with patience and good humor.

Also Sainted to a “good neighbor,” Larry Dobias, who places flags in front of every home in our cul-de-sac of townhomes for every national holiday.

Val Bauer, Hastings



I would like to thank the woman at the Osceola Dairy Queen this past Saturday night. My grandson and I were celebrating a fun golf outing. We ordered our treats and went to pay. They would not accept my type of credit card. It was a surprise to me, and now what?

After a discussion on what to do, a woman who was at the counter picking up her treat suddenly said she would like to pay for our items. I asked her for her address to send her the money and she said I did not have to do that. This is the first experience I have had with this type of kindness.

I didn’t catch her name but the vehicle she drove had some type of cabinet business name lettered on it. What a marvelous example she gave for my beautiful grandson to experience, especially during this surreal time in our world. I will most certainly pay it forward making sure to do in the company of my grandson. Thank you again!

Mary Swenson, Osceola, Wis.



Tainted to those improperly wearing a mask BELOW the NOSE! That’s where germs are spread. When I see it, I say something!

Please keep it covered. Asking TV to only show people who wear the mask correctly — visual messages speak volumes. Thanks.

Judy Morneau,St. Paul

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