Sainted: The Christmas spirit is alive during this crazy COVID time!

19December 2020


As I walked my dog through Acorn Park in Roseville one morning I noticed a poinsettia ornament hanging from a tree.

The next day I noticed that lights had been added to the tree.

Over the next several days more ornaments were added.

An ornament appeared with a note written by the person who hung the original ornament and lights. He explained that he hung the first ornament and lights and then brought his girlfriend and proposed – she said yes. He said how fun it is to see that other people are adding ornaments every day.

The Christmas spirit is alive during this crazy Covid time!

K. Kurtis, Roseville



I would like to SAINT the United States Postal Department for their outstanding work through the election … handling huge amounts of mail-in votes and having no complaints or hint of irregularities … overcoming some political obstacles and shenanigans …  and now handling the Christmas rush of mail and packages.  The postal workers are unsung heroes during these past few stressful months. Thank you for keeping up the tradition of “the mail must get through”.

Nancy Scanlan, St. Paul



I want to take the time during this holiday season to Saint my Gentlemen friends and Veterans whom I used to spend every Wednesday with at the White Castle on White Bear and Iowa. We met there for years and discussed everything including politics and solved all the problems of the world.

We have lost a lot of our friends over the years and I miss them dearly.

I miss you all so much and I pray that you are all healthy. You were there for me when I was at such a low point in my life and you never judged or were critical of me. You were so kind. I have been blessed to have you in my life. Merry Christmas Bruce, Howie, Jay, Jack, Donny, Jerry, Dick, and Terry. If I have missed anyone, please forgive me. I love you all to the moon and back and lots more!

Laura McGinn, St. Paul



Thank you to the crew from City of St. Paul who trimmed the seven elm trees and four flowering crab apple trees on our boulevard this week. The four men were skilled both in the pruning and in handling all the equipment.

The trees have been pruned to grow in beautiful shapes, and even the cleanup was professional and efficient. I went out to thank each of them individually; they were kind and courteous to a fault. Thank you, gentlemen, and thank you, City of St Paul.

Kathy Hoffmann, St. Paul

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