Sainted: These long-term-care workers are following a call to serve

7November 2020


If I could, this expression of thankfulness would be on a billboard. I am filled with gratitude to Cerenity of White Bear Lake for the excellent care given to my mother over the years, and especially during this stressful pandemic.

Long term care centers have been getting a bad rap since the beginning of the year due to the nasty effects the virus has on the concentration of the vulnerable population residing within their walls.

Cerenity White Bear is successfully maintaining a delicate balance of keeping the elders in their care safe from Covid-19 while connected with their family. The aides, nurses, housekeepers, kitchen and laundry staffs, social workers, activity specialists, physical therapists, office support staff, maintenance and management – all inclusive – are not people I perceive just punching a time clock. They are people following a call to serve. All of them have become an extended family to my mother and me.

More than likely, Covid-19 will be with us for a while. Happily, so might Mom, thanks to Cerenity White Bear Lake staff!

Mary Schoen, White Bear Lake



Heartfelt thanks to all of the nurses and doctors at Lakeview and Regions Hospitals who took such great care of my husband, Dan D., over the past weeks.

A special shout out to Blanche on Regions 6 Floor South, who was such a compassionate nurse on his care team the last days of his life.

We couldn’t have gotten through such a difficult time with all of your help!

Mary Jo DiIoia and family, Stillwater



Voting in this 2020 presidential election has definitely presented a challenge to us because of the COVID-19 virus.

I wanted to vote in person and found that  I would be able to do so on Monday, Nov. 2 at the Oakdale City Hall in Washington County at 8 a.m.

I arrived early and waited until 7:45 am when the kind volunteers allowed us to come in since it was a chilly morning.

Hats off to the wonderful staff and volunteers. They were friendly, professional, and efficient with smiles! The procedure was well organized.

It only took me 10 minutes to vote. Great service!

Angie Jasinski, Oakdale



A sainted to all of the generous folks who made Halloween a fun experience for all those trick or treaters out there in the wind. One of the highlights of our experience was the planning and generosity of the Lower St. Croix Valley Fire Dept., who opened up their drive-through station, handing out goodies. Looks like the whole staff attended. Kudos!

A creative lady in Bayport used a 6-foot orange cylinder to deliver candy to the little ones, just sliding the candy down into waiting bags. Another homeowner in Bayport and his family spent a lot of time carving about 20 or so artistic and lighted pumpkins on display in their front yard.

Thanks for all of these and other thoughtful actions for the kids in these challenging times!

Bill Vilendrer, Lake St Croix Beach


Tainted and Sainted

Tainted are the people who leave trash cans overflowing and half-cooked chicken on the grill at our parks in Mendota Heights.

Worse are those who leave piles of beer cans in the park.

Sainted are the Mendota Heights Park workers who make the parks a safe and beautiful place to walk and enjoy every  week. Special shout out to those taking care of Wentworth Park.

Michael Spence, Mendota Heights



As an attorney, I handled several cases over the years against the City Pages, the Twin Cities alternative weekly newspaper whose closure was announced last week by its ownership, the Star Tribune.

But I considered the publication to be a SAINTED source of penetrating investigative pieces, including exposures of wrongdoing in public and private sectors, quality reviews of culinary and entertainment offerings, and an inestimable vehicle for commercial advertising for the benefit of businesses and consumers alike.

Its demise is understandable due to unfavorable economic conditions that have TAINTED the market for small and medium-sized media, but nonetheless unfortunate. Like other vehicles for reporting and retail advertising that have fallen by the wayside around here, part of a nation-wide trend, City Pages will be sorely missed by its readers and business patrons.

Marshall H. Tanick, Minneapolis



This Sainted goes to the man who found my wallet on the night of Sunday Oct. 25, at the Holiday Station on Dodd Road in Mendota Heights.

I appreciate that he took the time to return the wallet to my house with all of the items in the proper place and no money missing.

He left quickly so I didn’t get his name or sincerely recognize his good deed.

A hopeful sign for all of us and an example of “Minnesota Nice” in action.

Thank you again and Stay Safe

Joe Wolkowicz, Mendota Heights



I would like to Saint my wonderful friend Roxanne Heck. She has been a mainstay in my life. I have never been a crafter or a sew-er, but she is the best! Not only has she made quilts for myself, my husband, my children and my grandchildren, she is currently making one for my nearly 90-year-old father. He is in independent living but is on complete lockdown due to the pandemic.

I know receiving this and knowing all the love and care that went into it will make him one happy senior citizen! So the same thing goes out to Roxanne and her big heart.

Pat Link, West Saint Paul



My daughter Gina who started making COVID-19 face masks for family and friends early on in the pandemic. Seeing a need in the community to keep first responders safe, she also made masks for the Maplewood Police Department that included the MPD logo.

Joanie Henriksen, North St. Paul

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