Sainted to the angels who comforted our friend

6February 2021


To the couple who stopped to help our friend on East Seventh Street st after she was hit by a hit-and-run driver, and set up a memorial to her (“Strangers comforted her. Then they grieved for her,” Jan. 30).

Sue lived in assisted living, and has many friends here who want to say THANK YOU to the angels who cared for her in her last minutes on Earth. Blessings on you now and always.

Katte Herrick, St. Paul, and the residents of Dellwood Gardens



The Covid pandemic has affected every single American. It has been decades since that has occurred. The Covid effect has been emotional, physical, mental and economic.

We are thankful for those who have helped normalize our lives during this time. Delivery people, store personnel, law enforcement, medical professionals, etc. … with each interaction a “thank you” passes our lips. But, for the fortunate few, it is family who are the angels in our midst.

Two of our “grown children” live within walking distance of our home, along with their spouses and seven grandchildren. For the past year, weather permitting, you would see my wife and myself walking down the street in the morning to pick up one or more of the grandchildren for the day, allowing the parents to do their work from home, and the other children to distance-learn. An example of a symbiotic relationship, we are able to share and connect in a special way with our grandchildren.

So, this is for our children, and the children of others who have made that commitment to live near their aging parents. We often neglect to express our appreciation. We thank you with all our hearts, as you have made this difficult time almost enjoyable. You really are the angels in our midst.

Jerry Wynn, St. Paul



I walk around Beaver Lake on the far East Side of St. Paul a few times a week. With all the ice we have on the streets and paths I wear ice breakers on the bottom of my boots.

Last week on my walk one of the breakers came off and I didn’t notice it until it was too late. I looked a little for it but couldn’t find it.

I saw a gentleman who was walking and I asked him if he possibly saw it and he said no but if he did find it he would put it by the yellow pole by one of the paths.

Well, what do you know, on my walk the other day when I got to the area where I thought I had lost it and where the gentleman said he would put it if he found it, there it was hanging right by the yellow pole.

I just want to give a big THANK YOU to that wonderful gentleman who made my day. There are a lot of great people on the East Side, and he is one.

Nora Ivory, St. Paul



A recent visit to the Pine Tree Apple Orchard in White Bear Lake reminded me that generous individuals care about others.

A purchase of apples brought about the realization that I was short on cash, and my only credit card was not accepted. One of the Pine Tree employees was behind me in the check-out line. Observing my situation, she quickly came to my rescue by sliding her own credit card to pay for my purchase! I offered her my cash twice but she declined each time.

Every apple consumed and enjoyed reminds me of her generosity to a complete stranger. May God bless her richly and give me reason to “pay it forward” when I have opportunity.

Norma Bennett, Shoreview



Tainted: The St. Paul Pioneer Press. Why publish a Tainted item that was two-thirds misinformation? The letter hating on the lottery for COVID shots expressed much wrong info. The writer knew there was a lottery signup. He said had to Call-in every week. False. He said had to call in after 12 p.m. False

Sandy Donovan, St. Paul



We received our first vaccine shot on Thursday, Jan. 28 at the Health Partners Clinic in Woodbury. What a pleasant and efficient experience!

We were greeted by, directed by, questions answered by, and serviced by such friendly and helpful people in a warm and spacious facility. In fact, we must have encountered seven or eight cheerful and caring persons who actually appeared excited and happy they could provide us with the vaccine.

Kudos to Health Partners for this effort.

Karlind and Susan Moller, Shoreview



Sainted to Steve and Jason for helping us early this week when our car died on the Ford Parkway Bridge. Not even the emergency flashers would work.

Pedestrian Steve, who had just crossed the bridge, immediately ran across the street to help. Shortly after, Jason pulled his car up behind ours to provide emergency lights. We then tried to jump-start the car, and when that didn’t work, they helped us get the car off the bridge and to a safe place where we could wait for a tow truck.

Thank you to Liquor Village for allowing us to wait inside where it was warm (and for having Surly Furious). Also sainted, too, all the drivers on Ford Parkway who patiently drove around us. Not one of you honked!

Liz Peterson, Minneapolis



Listening  to his announcements on WCCO Radio of closures of various facilities due to recent snowfalls highlighted how much we will miss Dave Lee, the station’s morning drive-time announcer and award-winning sports broadcaster. His retirement in a few months will leave a real vacuum.

As with the prior departures of so many of his iconic ‘CCO predecessors, his mellifluous voice will be greatly missed throughout the state and adjoining areas.

He deserves to be SAINTED for being such  a truly Good Neighbor over the years.

Marshall H. Tanick, Minneapolis

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