She, sainted, made masks and stayed open. Some customers, tainted, are stiffing her.

21November 2020

Sainted and Tainted

Sainted to the owner of Highland Tailors. Her shop is on Cleveland Avenue South and Highland Parkway, in St. Paul.

Early on in the Covid crisis she worked behind closed doors making free masks, and distributing them free out of her tiny shop. She and her tiny staff have toiled for years, stitching, fixing and repurposing garments for community members. She even had the audacity (to be so honest) to suggest I dispose of a “well beyond useful life” garment (and not pay her to fix it), saying, it was not financially practical to fix.

She has closed and reopened many times to meet city and CDC guidelines … and continues, trying to survive in this very challenging environment for small entrepreneurs.

Tainted to patrons who dropped off garments pre-Covid, to be tailored or fixed, and never picked them up.

The shop has hundreds of garments people dropped off (pre-Covid), and people now say they’d just as soon have her donate them (presumably because the customers’ lifestyles have changed), leaving the shop without the money to cover expenses.

The owners of these garments should stop by and pay her for her work, so she can recoup the money she already paid her seamstresses, and not stiff her, saying, (frequently over the phone) to “just donate them.”

Byron Wertz, St. Paul



Sainted to the Como Park Zoo and Conservatory. A friend and I visited on a cold Friday morning, and everything felt so safe and sanitary. You have to make a reservation, only a certain number of people are allowed in. It’s one way, enter one door, exit another, so you don’t face anybody, and certain areas are blocked off. Also masks are required and sanitizers everywhere.

Nice job, Como!

Deb Hurrle, Woodbury



On Nov. 13, a letter to the editor written by Thomas Chisholm appeared in the Pioneer Press. Mr. Chisholm started his letter by saying, “I am a Vet but I am not a hero.” After reading his fantastic letter, I would like to state that he absolutely is a hero of the highest degree! This retired colonel from the U.S. Army has not simply “talked the talk” but has certainly “walked the walk.” Just get this: 45 years of active military service, a medic caring for the wounded and ill while training other medics, a very learned man and now the wisdom and courage to write his letter in which he declared, “They served. They are the heroes.” Yes, they are and Mr. Chisholm so are you. Thank you for your thoughtful and beautiful letter and, most importantly, thank you for all you have done throughout your very heroic life.

Dennis Fendt, Oakdale



Sainted: All staff at United Hospital. My father had a recent trip to the emergency room and was admitted to the hospital. From the emergency-room intake staff to the floor nurses, to the front-desk receptionist, to the hospitalist, they have been responsive, caring, helpful, and informative. I know they are so busy, and working extra shifts, and yet, to a person, they acted like they had nothing better to do but attend to my father and my family. My father is doing very well now because of their excellent care. I am so impressed and thankful.

Nancy Quinlan, St. Paul

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