Tainted: A night full of noise and a recycling bin full of wine boxes at the state park

12September 2020


My wife and I and my g-baby spent a recent weekend at William O‘Brien State Park. Tainted were a number of people who were partying until midnight on Friday and Saturday night.

Gone are they days when park rangers would be sneaking around to see if some kids were drinking. It was very obvious to us these were adults partying.

I threw away some trash, there was more beer bottles and large wine boxes then I have ever seen in of our state parks in the recycling. We decided this is not the park for us in the future.

Tom Cullen, Oakdale



During this time of bad-mouthing the USPS, I want a Big Shout Out to Diane, our mail carrier in the Powers Lake area of Woodbury.

Diane is always very friendly and goes above and beyond in delivering the mail. Last week while the mail box posts were being replaced in our neighborhood, she got out of her truck and put the mail in the boxes, which were on the ground.

Thank you for your great attitude and hard work.

Jerry and Jackie Jansen, Woodbury



Tainted to the homeowner on Hamline Avenue across from the Highland National Golf course. This individual refuses to obey the signs that request no feeding of the ducks/geese.

Instead he is regularly seen tossing feed on the course and boulevard. Course management has asked him to stop to no avail. The geese droppings leave a mess for walkers and golfers alike.

Perhaps he should leave the feed in his front yard for his wildlife friends.

Peter D. Engel, St. Paul


Sainted + Tainted

Sainted to the professional athletes who decided to protest social injustices and not play games or practice.

Tainted to those same athletes who would take a paycheck for not working those days. This would NOT be a sacrifice.

John Heller, North St. Paul



I applied for an Enhanced Driver’s License from the DMV in late February. There was a mix-up in the paperwork — go figure.

In July, after waiting on the phone for a long time, I was fortunate enough to be helped by Angelica from the MN DMV bureau.

Angelica was an angel and I appreciate her excellent customer service. Thank you, Angelica!

Kate Burke, St. Paul



On Aug. 8, I was traveling back home after spending some quality time with my daughter and granddaughter (outside and social distancing) on my daughter’s “milestone” birthday. I had stayed much longer than planned and decided since it was so late, and didn’t want to cook myself dinner, I would stop at a local Arby’s and get one of their “new” fish sandwiches.

When It was my turn at the window to pay for my meal, the cashier informed me that it had been paid for. I was totally in awe and asked who did this kind gesture. She told me that if I pull forward a little, I would see the gentleman standing inside the restaurant who took care of my bill. I did just that. I saw a man with a black t-shirt, black mask and white baseball hat giving me the thumbs up! So I did the same back to him. I asked the cashier to please thank him and to let him know I will pay it forward. (Which I already did.)

Then on Sept. 8, I decided to treat myself to my favorite beverage at the Caribou in North St. Paul, and when I got up to the window to pay was told my beverage had been paid for by the white car ahead of me. (I have not yet paid this forward but have every intention of doing so.)

Within a one-month span, I have been shown such kindness during these troubling times we are all experiencing and cannot express enough my gratitude and the pure joy one feels when someone does something nice and totally unexpected for another human being.

Thank You to both of you for unselfishly making those days special for me.

Barb Schacht, Oakdale

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