The RV was left for dead. Our parking people were helpful and efficient. Sainted.

14November 2020


Late last Friday night, an ancient and all but undriveable RV was left for dead on the St. Paul street where I live. Missing headlights and windshield, someone had lived in it recently, but now it was full of … well you can only imagine.

What made this more than a mere nuisance was the fact that it was parked on the narrowest part of this busy street, barely wide enough for two cars to pass and on a hill so approaching traffic couldn’t even see what was behind or around it.

So Saturday morning I made a call to St. Paul’s Police Parking Enforcement and I was totally impressed with the assistance their dispatch and officers provided. Together they made sure this traffic safety nightmare got removed and resolved as quickly and safely as was legally possible. In each case their demeanor was helpful and professional, explaining each step in the process. You can’t just tow a vehicle, even one in such obvious distress. By Sunday night it was gone, and I’m so grateful for their help.

In these difficult days and with so much attention being paid to our police and strained city offices, it was reassuring to witness all the good and helpful people we have working for us. I’m proud of our Saint Paul.

And to the owners of that abandoned RV … well … good luck.

John Love, St. Paul



Recently, after the October snowstorm, I was shoveling the end of my driveway when a lady stopped by to offer help. I was almost finished so declined and thanked her and we talked a bit.

Last Saturday, a new brand new shovel lay on my lawn with an attached card, note and bow from this kind lady. She had noticed when we talked that my old snow shovel seemed damaged, and she had purchased a new one for me.

What a pleasant unexpected surprise!

I don’t know your name but want to thank you for your kindness and generosity to an 84-year-old woman. You are truly sainted!

Pat Swanson, North St. Paul



The staff at Eagan Deputy Registrar office. Not only was this office available for our child, who passed a driver’s test but couldn’t get an appointment for the license at the same place, but they served everyone with kindness and competence.

The DMV testing process with COVID is so difficult and backed up — thank you, Eagan, for helping those in need, without requiring an appointment three months from now!

You are unsung heroes.

Joan Williams, St. Paul



A big sainted to the security staff at Maplewood Mall and the stranger who helped my friend when she tripped and fell on the escalator. They were there within minutes to help her up, comfort her and call an ambulance. Thank you so much.

Charlene Gralish, St. Paul



Sainted to all of the volunteers and sponsors for the veterans recognition dinner organized by Lower St. Croix Valley Yellow Ribbon Alliance.

The Randy Kopesky Memorial Veterans recognition curbside dinner was a “sainted” event. My husband, a three-year Army veteran, and I responded to the invitation to the dinner some days before. Thursday evening we arrived at the pick-up spot in Lake St. Croix Beach and were greeted by volunteers with a cheery, “Thank you for your service.” Our name was checked off the list, we were handed a ticket and instructed to pull forward in the parking lot. A fire emergency vehicle from Lower St. Croix fire department parked in the lot was all aglow with flashing light and a big banner thanking veterans for their service. We were honored by some firefighters on the side, and pulled forward to receive the dinner. Again we were greeted with, “Thank you for your service.”

We both were choked with emotion as we accepted the delicious-smelling dinners.

During this time of unrest from COVID and political strife, to be so honored and treated with respect and to see the generosity of our community, was indeed heart-warming. Sainted to all who participated in this veterans recognition dinner.

Sharon Lewandowski, Afton

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